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Love the Bus Month is a vibrant celebration honoring the essential role of school buses and their drivers.

Held every February, this event brings attention to the importance of safe and reliable transportation for students.

By highlighting the dedication of bus drivers, technicians, and attendants, the month-long festivities aim to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

Celebrating Love the Bus Month is about recognizing the various individuals who ensure students get to school safely.

Bus drivers are appreciated for their commitment to safety and their positive influence on students’ daily lives.

This celebration also aims to educate the public about the significance of school bus transportation and its impact on education.

History of Love the Bus Month

Love the Bus Month was created in 2007 by the American School Bus Council (ASBC) to celebrate the important role of school buses and their drivers.

Each February, this event highlights the efforts of those who ensure children get to school safely.

ASBC launched the event to increase appreciation for bus drivers and raise awareness about school bus safety.

They collaborated with several organizations, including the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) and school bus manufacturers, ensuring a broad reach and meaningful impact across the country.

Despite ASBC’s recent dissolution, NAPT continues to lead the celebration. They now have the right to Love the Bus Month and have developed digital toolkits to help schools celebrate.

This annual event remains a significant way to honor the dedication and hard work of school bus drivers nationwide​.

How to Celebrate Love the Bus Month

Love the Bus Month activities encourage communities to express their gratitude in creative ways.

Schools and districts share their appreciation through social media campaigns, using hashtags to connect nationwide.

The month also provides an opportunity for students and parents to personally thank their bus drivers, enhancing the community spirit and acknowledging these everyday heroes who play a critical role in students’ education.

Throw a Bus-Themed Party

Organize a bus-themed bash. Decorate with yellow balloons, bus-shaped cakes, and streamers. Invite drivers, students, and parents to join the fun. Share stories and play games centered around bus safety.

Create Personalized Thank-You Notes

Encourage kids to craft heartfelt thank-you notes. Use colorful paper, stickers, and markers. Hand these cards to bus drivers to brighten their day and show appreciation for their hard work.

Host a Bus Art Contest

Host a creative contest for the best bus-themed artwork. Encourage students to draw or paint school buses. Display the masterpieces in the school hallway or community center for everyone to admire.

Organize a Bus Safety Workshop

Arrange a fun, interactive workshop about bus safety. Invite local safety experts to give talks and demonstrations. Kids will enjoy learning while participating in hands-on activities and quizzes.

Plan a Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast

Treat bus drivers to a special breakfast. Set up a spread of pastries, fruits, and coffee in the school cafeteria. Let them know how much they are valued with a delicious meal and warm company.

Share Stories on Social Media

Post stories and pictures celebrating bus drivers on social media. Use the hashtag #LoveTheBus.

Encourage the community to share their own experiences and appreciation posts, creating an online celebration.

Hold a School Bus Parade

Organize a parade featuring decorated school buses. Let students, teachers, and drivers join the fun by riding in the parade. Make it festive with music, banners, and cheers from the community.

Encourage donations to organizations that support school transportation. Collect funds for driver training programs or bus safety initiatives. Every contribution helps improve the experience for everyone involved​.

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