They’re there when we’re trying to make important decisions about our educational future, and when we’re experiencing some of the more difficult parts of growing up.  

Who could we be talking about? Your school counselor, of course! These hard-working professionals serve multiple roles in the education system, the most important of which is the assistance they provide to students who are struggling with school life.

School Counseling Week is there to celebrate these professionals and raise awareness of the support they can provide to students and parents alike.

History of School Counseling Week

School Counseling Week got its start in January of 2006 through an act of Congress that established it at its current dates. Throughout this week parents and teachers would work hard to promote the services that School Counselors provide to the student body they serve, and to help kids know that these important guides are there to help show them valuable lessons for life and growing up.  

School counselors have existed for a surprisingly long time, first appearing in schools in the 16th century, though there are those that claim that the teachings of Aristotle and Plato count. This just goes to show that there has never been a time in human history when we didn’t need a little help to decide what we would be when we grew up.

The ’20s and ‘30s really saw a steady increase in the presence of school counselors as education in these decades started to become more progressive.  Throughout it all the role of a school counselor has remained the same, to aid those they serve in finding their way in life and helping prepare them to walk that path into the future.

How To Celebrate School Counseling Week

As a student, the best way to celebrate School Counseling Week is to schedule an appointment with your counselor both to thank them for all they do, and for getting a little insight into what your future may hold.  

As a parent or educator, you can ensure that these noble heroes don’t get forgotten at this time of year by arranging a special celebration for your school’s counselors. You can also hand out pencils, posters, bookmarks, and certificates of appreciation commemorating these holidays, all available at the American School Counselor Association website!  

Remember when times get hard, you can always look to your school counselor for assistance, not just during School Counseling Week.

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