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“Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay….” Monty Python famously sang this ridiculously silly Lumberjack Song, and singing a rendition of this would certainly be appropriate as part of the celebration of Lumberjack Day!

History of Lumberjack Day

Lumberjacks have been an interesting part of human history for many years, felling trees for use in building houses and structures as well as for making paper and other helpful uses. And while this profession was certainly around long before, the specific term “lumberjack” actually comes from Canada where it can be traced back to a letter written in the year 1831. Other terms, such as “wood cutter” or the more modern “logger” are also appropriate for the people who do this type of work.

The history of Lumberjack Day can be traced back to the mid-2000s when Marianne Ways and Colleen AF Venable decided it was time to honor this esteemed profession. Venable herself worked as a lumberjack at one point, although she has admitted that the original idea for the day was conceived as an excuse to go out and eat pancakes and waffles with friends!

Lumberjack Day has caught on in more recent years and is now celebrated by many folks, especially in Canada and the United States.

How to Celebrate Lumberjack Day

Have a load of fun and celebrate the ruggedness of this profession on Lumberjack Day! Check out some of these ideas for making plans and observing the day:

Dress Like a Lumberjack

One delightful and simple way to get on board with celebrating National Lumberjack Day might be to take a page out of their fashion book. Dress for the outdoors and chopping down trees by donning some jeans or work pants and a pair of sturdy boots, then top them off with a perfect plaid flannel shirt. Even more fun, add a fake beard and a beanie cap for the perfect look. In certain workplaces, carrying a real axe might be going a bit too far, but a fake one from a costume shop might be kind of fun!

Go Out for Pancakes and Waffles

Since the motivation of the original founder of Lumberjack Day was to go out with friends to eat mountainous piles of pancakes and waffles, it seems like the right way to celebrate this day even now. Head on over to a favorite breakfast-all-day restaurant and enjoy a stack or two with yummy Canadian maple syrup!

Host a Lumberjack Day Party

Anyone who wants to join in on the fun of Lumberjack Day can organize a party for friends and family where the idea is for everyone to dress up in the cliché lumberjack style of plaid shirts, boots, suspenders, and beards. Provide snacks and treats with a wood cutter theme, such as pretzels (that resemble cut wood), fresh broccoli stems (that look like little trees), and cheese puffs (or campfire flames). Don’t forget to dress the table in a red plaid flannel tablecloth!

For entertainment, the group can certainly watch some Monty Python episodes, particularly the ninth episode of the BBC show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which features The Lumberjack Song. Other ideas for how to enjoy a party for the day might be to do a little online research and learn about lumberjack jargon, jokes, drinks, and recipes.

Attend Some Lumberjack Day Festivities

Several different communities in the United States have events and even full weekends that celebrate the fun and festivities of the lumberjack. Lumberjack Day is the ideal time to make plans to visit one, or several, of these community events. From Orofino, Idaho to Stillwater, Minnesota, and all the way over to West Point, California, the celebration of lumberjacks is worth pursuing whether near or far.

Parades, contests, entertainment, live music, flower shows and so much more can be found in communities celebrating Lumberjack Days. And the best celebrations will, of course, include access to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast!

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