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Science education can be given a great deal of credit for many of the advances that humans take for granted in the world today. If it wasn’t for education in the various disciplines of science over the past couple of centuries, the myriad of scientists who provided life-changing innovations might not have been able to do so.

On this important day of the year, Science Education is celebrated!

History of Science Education Day

Started in 2014, Science Education Day began as a tribute to the pursuit of science as it related to teaching and the acquiring of knowledge. The day is celebrated in various countries throughout the world, including the United States, India, Austria and other places.

Science Education day is different everywhere, but it often features events held for teachers and students alike, paying attention to the importance of the investments made in science education to the future of the planet and its people.

How to Celebrate Science Education Day

For teachers, students, or simply fans of science, this day is the perfect one to celebrate all things that foster learning within the field of science! Honoring Science Education can happen in a variety of creative ways. Use the following ideas or come up with other personalized ideas:

Invest in Science Education

Whether it is a lecture series on interplanetary space travel or a hands-on exhibit at a science fair event, the best way to celebrate Science Education Day is to learn something about science. Visiting a science museum (or making a donation to one) is a great way to show support and appreciation for the myriad of advances made through science.

Take Time to Share

Science Education Day is the most ideal day to remember a favorite education experience, share your pictures, or share your time. For those who are science educators, this is a perfect time to open up classrooms, favorite labs, awesome activities and pictures.

For those who represent a museum or other institutions, be sure to share and celebrate outreach programs, volunteers, docents, and education staff.

And those who dabble in science at home shouldn’t be left out! Take this day to share with friends the excitement that comes from learning more in the field of science. Whether showing off a microscope or inviting friends to gaze at stars through a telescope, this is the perfect time to let passions for science be known and shared.

Watch Science Education Shows

It could be just a YouTube video explaining a scientific concept. Or it might be a feature length documentary that helps to educate on scientific views. Even the ability to watch science shows on screens at home is actually a scientific development!

Consider these shows that give a little nod to Science Education for people of all ages:

  • Sid the Science Kid. Animated shorts for budding preschool scientists.
  • Bill Nye The Science Guy. An exciting look at basic science for kids.
  • Mythbusters. Working to prove whether common myths about science are true or false, this is mostly interesting for adults or older children.
  • NOVA. A show for adults and older kids, answering questions about science and engineering for today and tomorrow.
  • Planet Earth. A British television series for adults and older kids that features breathtaking documentary footage of the earth’s natural wonders.
  • Big Bang Theory. Not really educational, but certainly enjoyable, this comedy features science doctoral students in a university setting.

Say ‘Thank You’ to Science Educators

Most people are born with a curiosity about science. Science Education Day might be the perfect opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to those who helped turn that curiosity into a passion!

Science Education Day is a great reminder to celebrate and say thank you to all of those people who share their passion for science with kids and adults everywhere and in all venues.

Why not take time to thank those classroom and homeschool science teachers? Or those docents, volunteers, and members of the education staff in places such as zoos, aquariums, observatories, museums,and planetariums.

Come up with some creative ways to express gratitude! Send a thank-you note through the mail, or send an e-card on a social media page. Say thanks on the social media page of museums and other institutions. Volunteer at a school, museum, or other educational institution to help foster community. Or feel free to join or make a special donation to a museum or other science education promoting institution as a small expression of thanks.

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