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Eco-minded and socially conscious start-up businesses have become an important part of the world’s economic landscape over recent years. Paying more attention to what is good for the planet, for the people, and for the financial structure of the future is vital to the holistic thinking required in sustainable entrepreneurship. 

And as a celebration – as well as an invitation – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day is here!

History of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day

Founded in 2021, Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day seeks to raise awareness of the importance that all entrepreneurship should be sustainable, meaning that it considers the environmental, social, and economic factors.

This day was started when the non-profit foundation Entrepreneurs Without Borders celebrated their 5th anniversary and the day is now celebrated annually. In 2022, Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day became a global event with teams celebrating it locally all over the world, with the theme for the day focusing on “Ecosystems for Entrepreneurship”.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day is working to remind individuals and businesses that the way they function in the world matters. From the products they buy to the services they receive, responsible consumers and businesses are encouraged to invest in those who are thinking beyond just money, looking at holistic consequences that will have a deeper impact on making the world more viable for future generations.

How to Celebrate Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day

Attend a Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day Event

An excellent way for folks to participate in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day might be to attend an event that is scheduled in locations all over the globe. Places such as Sweden, Munich, Finland, New York and others have shown interest in hosting events on this day, and all throughout the year, that are built in support of learning more about and investing in sustainable business practices for the modern world.

Learn More About Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Getting more involved with Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day means becoming more knowledgeable and educated on the topic. A helpful way to do so might be to connect with others who are working in the same vein, through the Entrepreneurship Without Borders organization. Founded in 2017, this team of folks from all over the globe work to scale up social impact and make the world a better place. Helping start up businesses with resources, mentorship and support, this organization is always looking for new partners and investors. Perhaps now is the perfect time to join in with this organization through a financial investment or business connection. 

Read the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Head on over to the United Nations website to get a better idea about the sustainability goals that have been guiding development since their implementation in 2015. Goals such as no poverty, zero hunger, good health, quality education, gender equality, clean water, and affordable clean energy are just a few of the guidelines that help businesses move toward a more sustainable future. Learning more about and getting on board with these 17 goals might be a great way to celebrate Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day! 

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