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Thu 2nd Feb, 2017 will be...


2nd Feb each year


2nd February 2006

Lung Leavin’ Day is an unofficial day created by the Von St. James family 10 years ago on the eve of Heather Von St. James extrapleural pneumonectomy, or lung removal and chemo wash surgery to treat her mesothelioma cancer. Heather managed the fear and anxiety that came with her life changing cancer diagnosis and highly invasive surgery with humor and laughter. The Von St. James family wanted to celebrate Heather’s life-saving surgery in a special way, thus Lung Leavin’ Day came about. Taking from the tradition of firewalking where you write a fear on a plank of wood and walk across it in the fire, Heather and Cameron invite friends and family to write their fears on a plate, and smash the plate into a bonfire. Each year the celebration has grown, and the day now serves as a way to spread awareness and raise funds for mesothelioma. You can participate online by virtually smashing a plate or sharing to spread awareness!


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