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Mammals under the sea have a plight that is much different than those living on the surface of the earth. But that doesn’t make them any less valuable! Dolphins, seals, whales, sea otters and other varieties have been struggling to get by below the surface of the ocean as the environment is not as hospitable as it once was. 

Marine Mammal Rescue Day seeks to raise awareness for the plight of these creatures that are delightfully unique, rather cute, and also an important part of the ecosystems underwater. Join in on Marine Mammal Rescue Day and show some support for this amazing sea life on this day! 

History of Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Marine mammals have a history that dates back farther than human history can tell. Originally hunted by native coastal people for food, pelts and fat, they have come a long way over time. Now, many of them struggle to survive due to the impact that humans are having on their lives.

Sadly, due to illness and malnutrition on the west coast of the United States, spring is the height of animal rescue season. Marine mammal rescue organizations along the coast of the Pacific Ocean gear up for the busy pinnipedia (aka seals) season as early as mid-January, when the delightful Northern Elephant Seals start being born.

Next, comes pupping season for the Harbor Seal and then the Sea Lion pups start being born mid to late June. The Pacific coast also is home to Northern Fur Seals and Guadalupe Fur Seal. And of course the Sea Otter.

Cetaceans (or whales) also need help from illness and injury during this time of the year as well as all year round. Polluted waters, marine debris and illegal fishing gear can contribute to harming and killing all manner of aquatic life.

Being good stewards of the planet should include the biggest part of it, the ocean and its inhabitants. The actions (and inaction) of humans have polluted and toxified the ocean. Overall climate change has warmed the oceans and altered the patterns where fish swim.

Marine Mammal Rescue Day was established to pay attention to the fact that these young marine mammals are frequently not strong enough to go far and deep enough to go after the fish they need.

In 2017, Senator Toni Atkins from the state of California proposed a bill that would create Marine Mammal Rescue Day. And though the day has its beginnings in the United States, the oceans are shared by people from nations all over the globe. So it’s important that the word gets spread about this day to raise awareness and show some support for these marine mammal friends!

How to Celebrate Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Let it be known that you care by supporting and helping these at risk creatures on Marine Mammal Rescue Day. Get involved with some of these ideas for celebrating the day:

Make a Donation for Marine Mammals

Various charitable and non profit organizations work hard to help support and protect marine mammal life. But they need financial help from individuals, companies and others. Marine Mammal Rescue Day would be an ideal time to make a donation to a group that helps these creatures. Here is a list of a few that might be considered:

Visit the Marine Mammal Rescue Center

Getting its start in 1975, the Marine Mammal Rescue Center is located in Sausalito, California. Each year, the center provides information and education to thousands of school children and others who are interested in helping to make sure their actions are beneficial to the lives of marine mammals. Celebrate Marine Mammal Rescue Day by visiting the center, learning more, and sharing information to raise awareness for the plight of these magnificent underwater creatures!

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