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Get involved with raising awareness and showing support for these beautiful sea mammals who live at risk each day due to human threats. World Dolphin Day provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations to extend care so these animals can live a safe, happy and long life!

History of World Dolphin Day

The inaugural World Dolphin Day was celebrated in 2022 through the efforts of and support of Sea Shepherd Global. This event was established to pay respect to the world’s most devastating slaughter of cetaceans (the sea mammal family including dolphins, whales and porpoises) in recorded history. On September 12, 2021, more than 1400 dolphins were killed off the Faroe Islands as part of a cultural tradition.

Since the time of that slaughter, the government of the Faroe Islands has been under scrutiny for this brutal practice. While they have set provisional limits on the number of white-sided dolphins that can be killed during this “grind” hunting tradition, the limits remain very generous and this is considered by many to be an empty gesture. Supporters of the dolphins believe that this practice is particularly cruel and outdated and should be stopped altogether.

World Dolphin Day is an important time to raise awareness about the plight of these majestic sea creatures, notably because of their endangered status due to human activity. This day is slightly different from National Dolphin Day, which is celebrated in April and typically only observed in the United States.

How to Celebrate World Dolphin Day

Show some love and appreciation for these incredibly intelligent and fascinating sea creatures in honor of World Dolphin Day! Get started with some of these ideas for the day:

Join the Stop the Grind Coalition

One of the most important factors about World Dolphin Day is the effort to reduce the number of needless dolphin and whale killings during the Faroe Islands tradition called the “grind”. Those who want to learn more about this tradition and the efforts to save the dolphins might want to connect with Stop the Grind or make a donation.

Learn More About Dolphins 

Get involved with the appreciation of these incredibly intelligent creatures by enjoying World Dolphin Day. Learn more and share with others to raise awareness for the day, perhaps connecting through some of these interesting facts:

  • Dolphins only sleep with half of their brains. This “unihemispheric slow-wave sleep” means they sleep with half of their brain and shut the opposite eye, allowing them to still monitor their surroundings. Each side of the brain gets about four hours of sleep each day.

  • Dolphins can be very fast swimmers. If they are in a hurry or trying to move away from something dangerous, dolphins have been clocked swimming up to 25 miles per hour.

  • As mammals, dolphins breathe air from above the surface of the water. But they can hold their breath much longer than humans can. Most dolphins can easily stay underwater for 8-10 minutes and some species can last up to 15 minutes before emerging to take a breath.

  • Dolphins are highly intelligent, social creatures. They live in pods of sometimes thousands and often help each other when they are hunting. They also have a long-term family bond where a calf stays with the mother for up to seven years, which is rare in the animal kingdom.

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