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Studies show that, among humans, the lifespan of a woman is 8% longer on average than that of men. With the hope of bridging this gap, men need to be encouraged to take better care of their own health – and that’s what Men’s Health Month is all about.

And just because this month is about men’s health, that doesn’t mean women can’t get involved and be supportive too. Awareness, prevention, education and family are all avenues that offer opportunities for men to learn more about and be encouraged to take care of themselves to live longer, healthier lives!

History of Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month got its start as National Men’s Health Week in 1994 when it was resolved by the United States Congress and approved by the US President. The event has since evolved to become Men’s Health Month, and is promoted by a number of different organizations, groups, agencies and individuals.

The scheduling of Men’s Health Month in June has to do with the relationship to Father’s Day, offering a natural opportunity for connection and care. Over the years, various activities and events have been planned to correspond with Men’s Health Month, with the purpose of raising awareness and reminding men of the challenges they may face while encouraging them to take charge of their own health.

How to Celebrate Men’s Health Month

Looking for ways to observe and participate in Men’s Health Month? Men, women and children alike can get involved in a variety of ways, including some of these:

Participate in Wear Blue Day

The color that shows support for Men’s Health Month is blue, so during this month people are encouraged to wear blue in honor and observance. This could include wearing a simple blue ribbon on a jacket or lapel every day, choosing blue pieces from the closet, or even decorating an office or desk space with blue.

Raise awareness for the event by encouraging others to wear blue as well. Many offices and workplaces like to schedule a special Wear Blue Day event on the Friday before Father’s Day in honor of men’s health.

Get a Health Checkup

One of the purposes behind Men’s Health Month is to get people more educated on the ways men need to take care of themselves – and then to make it happen. This starts by scheduling an annual exam with the doctor to have checks done such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and more. One of the biggest focuses of this month is checkups to ensure prostate and testicular health, so be sure to ask the doctor about those aspects of men’s health.

Learn More About Men’s Health 

Check out some of these facts in order to get more acquainted with these issues for Men’s Health Month:

  • The overall mortality rate for men is 41% higher than for women.

  • Men are less likely to seek healthcare than women.

  • Only 3 out of 5 men get annual physicals.

  • Prostate cancer affects 1 in 9 men.

Check out the Men’s Health Month website for access to various resources related to men’s health. 

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