If there’s one image that everyone in the world can recognize, it’s the iconic ears of our favorite mouse, Disney’s Mickey Mouse. His face graces everything from ceramic mugs to balloons, touching on every industry and areas of our lives. It can be found in the shape of ice cream on a hot summer afternoon, or on the back of a hoodie on a frigid autumn morning, and when the day’s work is done, we can join him in Kingdom Hearts as they King. It all started with a short film called “Steamboat Willie”, and ever since, he’s been the very icon of family fun, hope over adversity, and following your dreams.

History of Mickey Mouse Day

Mickey Mouse was originally dreamed up by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney in 1928, and from that first short film has risen to be a worldwide recognized Icon. Year after year, Mickey has won nominations for the Academy Award for the Best Animated Short film, and finally won one in 1928. As a tribute to just how popular and ground-breaking this fantastic mouse is, he was the first animated character to ever receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Since then we saw the rise and fall of “The Mickey Mouse club”, and a growing family of characters that have all become part of the Disney IP. If it weren’t for a bit of duplicitous backstabbing and Hollywood Drama, Mickey might never have come into existence. Mickey first came to pass as a replacement for Walt’s first popular creation, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After the relationship with Universal Studios soured, Mickey Mouse was created and came to be the avatar of the happiest place on earth.

How to celebrate Mickey Mouse Day

With Mickey appearing in so many places and in so many different types of media, the ways to celebrate Mickey Mouse day are only as limited as your imagination. Start off small by wearing or buying a Mickey Mouse themed piece of clothing, maybe a hoodie bearing his image or a hat with Mickey Mouse ears.

Follow it up by singing that most popular song “M I C. K E Y. M O U S E! Mickey Mouse! (Donald Duck!)” from the Mousketeers show. Gather with all of your friends and family and watch the old cartoons from the days when your grandparents were children. Mickey Mouse has been around for many a year, and some of the oldies are the goodies.

Best of all, plan a trip to one of Mickey Mouse’s kingdoms, located all over the world. Nothing celebrates the day of this Disney great like taking the whole family to the Magic Kingdom and spending the day enjoying everything Disney has to offer.

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