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She’s stunning and clever, sweet and bubbly. She’s beloved by a group of friends and has her own delightful sense of fashion. She’s the best friend and partner of the most famous mouse in the world – she’s Minnie Mouse!

History of Minnie Mouse’s Birthday

The background of Minnie Mouse’s Birthday is probably best begun with the story of her creator, Walt Disney. As a child, Disney was always interested in drawing cartoons and he also grew to love the various aspects of the theater. After moving to Hollywood in 1923, Walt set up the Disney Brothers studio with his brother Roy, and they worked hard as illustrators.

On the heels of some difficult business times in the mid-1920s, Walt Disney came up with the idea of Mickey Mouse at a time when he felt that “disaster seemed right around the corner”. When this new cartoon character was brought to life, Walt had no idea that Mickey Mouse – and his sidekick, Minnie – would eventually become a household name all over the globe.

The first animated short film in which both Mickey and Minnie appeared was released on November 18, 1928, which is now considered to be the date of birth for both of these famous characters. The film, called Steamboat Willie, featured Mickey in a mini-plot to save Minnie, a character who was created by both Disney and his partner, Ub Iwerks. Though the characters never talk in this film debut, it was notable for the fact that it was the first film that successfully synchronized sound with the motion.

In the 1930’s, Mickey often appeared with other buddies of his, including Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. So while Minnie Mouse didn’t appear as often, she continues to be a beloved character and has developed her own following over the years. Her sweet, fun-loving nature makes her a likable character along with her best friend, Daisy Duck.

Many people consider Minnie to be a bit of a fashion icon due to her feminine style that has evolved over the years. Like Mickey, Minnie Mouse started out in black and white. Her fashion choices at the time were influenced by the flapper look of the 1920s, wearing a hat with a flower on top and a short skirt with high heels – and patched knickers that sometimes showed. Later, when she was able to shake the constraints of black and white film, Minnie showed her true colors with a blue skirt, a bright red hat and yellow shoes.

Eventually, Minnie got even more brave with polka dots on her skirt or dress, replacing the hat with a big bow, and sometimes showing up in pink. In the 1980s, Minnie Mouse was the star of her own television special called Totally Minnie, in which she shared the spotlight with Suzanne Somers. And in keeping with her trendy self, Minnie embraced the vibe of the eighties by wearing some outrageous colors – with tie-dye, beads and even hand warmers.

From the beginning when she received her voice, Minnie Mouse was originally played by Walt Disney, who also voiced her friend, Mickey. Eventually her voice went through a few more actors, one of whom was Russi Taylor – a woman who was actually married to voice actor Wayne Allwine that played Mickey’s voice for more than 30 years.

As Minnie has continued to grow in popularity with every new generation who embraces her, she is celebrated more and more as one of the most important feminine icons of the Magic Kingdom. And Minnie Mouse’s Birthday is a super fun reason to celebrate and get excited!

Minnie Mouse’s Birthday Timeline

May 15, 1928

Plane Crazy is tested 

Even before her public debut, Minnie Mouse appears in the short silent film, Plane Crazy, but the test isn’t picked up so the film isn’t released immediately.

November 18, 1928

Minnie Mouse’s Birthday 

Minnie Mouse makes her debut with her friend, Mickey, complete with synchronized sound, in Steamboat Willie.[1]


Minnie debuts in polka dots

As Minnie Mouse’s style comes around, she first appears in a yellow polka dotted skirt in a short called On Ice.[2]


Totally Minnie comes out 

This television special is co-hosted by Suzanne Somers and embraces tons of eighties vibes.[3]


Minnie appears in CGI for the first time

As standard animation goes by the wayside, CGI brings Minnie to life in Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas.

How to Celebrate Minnie Mouse’s Birthday

Looking for some different ideas on how to best celebrate such an important occasion as Minnie Mouse’s Birthday? Check out some of these cool ideas for enjoying another turn around the sun with this amazing character:

Learn Some Fun Facts about Minnie Mouse

One delightful way to celebrate the birthday of Minnie might be to enjoy learning and sharing some fun facts that can be brought up in conversation. Share the joy of Minnie Mouse’s Birthday with a few of these to get started:

  • Minnie is an Aunt

    In some of her appearances, Minnie’s two sweet but lively nieces are revealed: Millie Mouse and Melody Mouse.

  • Minnie isn’t her full name

    Many people don’t realize that Minnie is actually a nickname for “Minerva”, which is revealed in a 1942 comic strip called “The Gleam”.

  • Minnie Mouse disappeared for 12 years

    For a period from 1974 to 1986, Minnie took a back seat to Mickey’s other friends and didn’t appear in a single short film or television show, but she got her own show in 1988.

  • Minnie went to New York Fashion Week

    In honor of her 90th birthday, Minnie was invited to celebrate her role as a fashion icon on the red carpet in 2017.

Host a Party for Minnie Mouse’s Birthday

It’s always a good idea to throw a party and Minnie Mouse’s Birthday might just be a great excuse! Invite guests to dress up as either Minnie or one of her other friends, including Mickey (it’s his birthday too!), Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and more. Serve snacks and treats all around the theme of Disney and get the kids involved in making them. Of course, no party is fun without music, so create a fun playlist with all sorts of Disney or Mickey Mouse Club themed songs. And it might even be fun to watch some of Minnie’s appearances on shows or movies in her honor.

Wear Polka Dots

One of the main fashion choices that Minnie Mouse has been known for over the years is her polka dotted skirts and dresses. She’s rocked them in yellow, pink, red and blue, and her fashion choices continue to evolve. In honor of Minnie Mouse’s Birthday, perhaps it would be fun to wear some polka dots. And the outfit can always be worn again in honor of National Polka Dot Day!

Minnie Mouse’s Birthday FAQs

How old is Minnie Mouse?

Minnie’s official birthday (which was her first public appearance) is on November 18, 1928, making her more than 90 years old.[1]

What is Minnie Mouse’s cat’s name?

The name of Minnie Mouse’s black and white cat is Figaro – and he also appears in the movie Pinocchio.

Who plays Minnie Mouse? 

For the first year, Minnie Mouse was voiced by her co-creator, Walt Disney and she then has had several other voices including Russi Taylor, Marjorie Ralston and Kaitlyn Robrock.[2]

Does Minnie Mouse have a tail?

The answer is yes and no! Sometimes Minnie is shown with a tail while other times her tail isn’t seen.

Does Minnie Mouse still wear a dress?

In 2022, designer Stella McCartney created a new outfit for Minnie and for the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris: a blue pantsuit.[3]

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