Prepare yourself for some spectacular gastronomic delights when you celebrate Moldy Cheese Day. The origins of this intriguing festival are obscure, but what’s clear is that it’s a time to value and cherish moldy cheese in all its wonderful forms.

Tidy minded folk might wish to search their fridge for forgotten morsels of cheese which have now acquired interesting moldy growths, providing the basis for intriguing science projects and perhaps prompting a through clean-up. Alternatively, why not take a look at the many varieties of cheese which have been purposely exposed to mold in order to give them a mouth-watering flavor and enticing appearance?

Moldy Cheese Day is a chance to take Stilton sandwiches to work, or make cheese-on-toast with tasty Gorgonzola. Moldy Cheese Parties are popular option, where every guest should bring a cheesy dish to share and there is the opportunity to indulge in cheese themed party games.

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