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We’ve heard the sound in movies both old and new, it finds its way into horror movies as some lost mysterious code. Heroes in action flicks use it to help send out secret messages past the villains holding them captive, and secret lovers have passed messages using it in carefully constructed pieces of art or even braille. It served as the foundation for a new era of communication, and has served vital roles in wars old and new. What is it we’re talking about? Morse Code of course! Morse Code Day celebrates this amazingly concise, powerful, and influential way of transmitting information and the history of how it changed the world.

History Of Morse Code Day

The year was 1836, and Samuel F.B. Morse was working on something with a pair of compatriots that would utterly change the way the world transmitted information. What they would develop would be the device and technology that would drive communication until the radio finally became fully developed years later. Even then, radio was often used to transmit Morse Code over long distances, as even weak signals could often carry a comprehensible message in Morse code. It also has the distinction of being a coded language that a human with the right experience can translate by ear, at speed, without a decoder.

While it was developed for English, the alphabet has frequently been modified for other languages, making its reach and use universal in nature. From then it has found its way into Aviation, Amateur Radio, and can even be transmitted by flashing lights, as any fan of media can tell you. Mirrors, flashlights, even bright spotlights have all been used to transmit information in this amazing and diverse code base. Perhaps the most amazing and unexpected use of this language is to help those with disabilities be able to communicate through simple tapping, or even through a simple skin buzzer. It truly is powerful and adaptive.

How to celebrate Morse Code Day

Morse Code Day makes for a great opportunity to add an unusual and interesting method of communication to repertoire. You can share notes with your friends on pages filled with dots and dashes, you can even send them via your digital devices. Leave messages on cake or flash each other notes with mirrors across schoolyards and workplaces. However you celebrate it, give yourself a chance to find new ways to communicate by adding a little Morse code to your life!