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The only thing more intimidating than a huge international film star is your mother-in-law.

Benjamin Walker

There’s a lot of jokes about them, the bane of our existence and the constant nagging voice that hangs at the back of our heads. Literally, if they happen to be riding in the back seat of the car, or sitting in your living room, or heck, hanging out in the mother-in-law that your wife just insisted that you had to build on the back acres of your property.

Yeah, we know, they’re not often our favorite people either, and more often than not are a major component of why we don’t want to get married. Either way, Mother-in-Law day celebrates all that is good about them… given time I’m sure we can think about something.

History of Mother-In-Law Day

When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own daughter – that’s something.

Lou Gehrig

Mothers-In-Law have existed since… Well, we suppose depending on one’s point of since shortly after Eden and the second wedding. (One must assume Adam and Eve’s was implicit). Then again, taking another angle, the first time two neanderthal’s came together and the mother of one lectured the other about not bringing in enough game, and how Ugg brought in a mammoth last season, what have you done?

Mothers-in-Law can be the worst enemy of your relationship and can cause more problems than a sentimental love-letter from an old flame. Then again, they can also be the greatest benefit and a true champion for your relationship during the hardest of times.

It’s really not surprising they’re such a mixed bag, ultimately parents want what’s best for their children, and it’s hard to imagine anyone being good enough for your little girl (or boy, for that matter).

How to celebrate Mother-In-Law Day

Start simple, give your mother-in-law a call and sincerely ask how she’s doing. Mother-In-Law Day is about diving into the lion’s mouth and acknowledging that they aren’t all bad. Or, if they are, letting them know exactly how bad they really are.

Never underestimate the value of a good roasting when you have someone like a mother-in-law who either doesn’t like you or doesn’t know that sometimes you have to let folks work things out for themselves.

On the other hand, if you have a wonderful mother-in-law be sure to spend some time telling her how much you appreciate her, which is good advice even if you don’t like her and think she’s more than a little annoying. Mother-In-Law Day is sometimes about making your partners life a little easier by appeasing the great villain.

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