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There is certainly something truly magnificent about a wonderful mustache (and beard). This mysterious something tends to lend an air of distinction and respectability to the face of its owner. So it makes perfect sense that this humble facial feature would be called to a noble cause, and used to bring awareness to men’s health issues to people around the world!

In Movember, let that beard and mustache grow wild all month long to raise awareness for men’s health issues!

History of Movember

It all got started in 1999 in Australia when a group of young men decided that the middle of summer was a fantastic time to grow a beard (seasons are backward down there, remember). It all began, as many excellent ideas do, in a local pub where this group of men decided that growing facial hair (moustache, beard, goatee or whatever) for an entire month would be an effective way to support men’s issues. The idea quickly grew to impact a group of 80 men dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health issues and spreading this around the world.

In keeping with the theme of “moustaches”, the month was named “Mo-vember”.

While it started out just focusing on raising awareness for prostate cancer and depression, it would soon grow to include all men’s health issues. And each year, the promotions have gotten more popular and larger.

Competitions for the greatest mustache are now held around the world, with 21 national winners being selected, and then one of their number being immortalized as the International Man Of Movember. This movement hasn’t been stopped by much, either, in spite of Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand attempting to suppress it by banning those men who were participating from receiving end-of-the-year prizes from the school! It seems that a man who truly feels compelled to grow facial hair cannot be stopped.

Today, Movember is one of the most respected men’s health awareness organizations and has branches and participants all over the world. Everyone from sports teams to educational professionals can be found sporting a mustache during Movember. In fact, on one notable occasion, a Boeing 737-800 that belonged to the Australian National Rugby Union Team wore one!

How to Celebrate Movember

Celebrating Movember comes with all kinds of fun, health-oriented, and sometimes a bit ridiculous, activities. Try these out for different ways to celebrate and observe this important month:

Participate By Growing a Moustache (or Beard)

It all starts with throwing out that razor on October 31 and letting that facial hair grow wild! Man or woman, or something less defined, it makes no difference!

In Movember, if you can grow facial hair, it’s time to let it grow as wild as possible. Style it or leave it untamed, color it or leave it natural, wax it or pomade it, whatever can be done, Just make sure you spend Movember growing a magnificent mustache and beard. Movember is a great movement that has accomplished incredible things in the area of men’s health awareness!

Join in a Movember Facial Hair Contest

In order to qualify in many of the Movember contests, it’s necessary to be clean-shaven on November 1, and then grow out the facial hair from there. Different contests seem to have varying rules, where some are only for mustaches, others might include beards or goatees as well. Some might even include a category for pork chop sideburns!

Whatever the case, save a couple of bucks on razors for the month and perhaps even win the honor of a title as the best facial hair for Movember!

Get Connected with a Movember Event

Various activities and fundraising events happen all around the world during Movember. From celebrities paddle boarding a 30 mile canal in the UK, to music jam sessions in France. From bicycling 150 kilometers in a week, to a socially distanced Run & Chat Challenge.

Check out local Movember events that are happening in the area and get involved. If there isn’t anything, then start one. Movember encourages everyone to become a “Mo Bro” or “Mo Sis”, acting as an ambassador to get the word out and raise funds regarding these important issues.

Go to Supportive Barber

Many Barbers use Movember as a special opportunity to raise funding and awareness support for the cause. Watch for signs or ads at a local barbershop to find out who is participating.

Learn About Men’s Health

The whole point of the month of Movember will be missed if facial hair is grown but men’s health issues are not discussed. Because it’s all about starting the conversation regarding men’s health issues. Concerns such as prostate and testicular cancer, mental health issues, Movember is a reminder that men’s life spans are 6 years less than women’s, on average.

Getting to know the causes of health issues is the first step in finding a way to help men live longer. Be sure to use this as an opportunity to encourage the men in your life and community to get a medical checkup, as well as living clean with diet and exercise, to help them get and stay healthy!

For more information on important issues surrounding men’s health, visit the Movember website.

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