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The Westminster Dog Show is an exciting event that attracts over 3,000 top dogs from across the world. It will take place from May 11 to 14, 2024, at New York City’s USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. This prestigious competition is the highlight of the dog show calendar​.

The event celebrates high-level competitions in agility, obedience, junior showmanship, and breed-specific contests.

Winning at Westminster stands as a mark of excellence and recognition in the dog community. This event sets the gold standard for breed perfection and dog-handling expertise​.

The show culminates with the “Best in Show” award, elevating the winner to instant fame. In addition to the competitions, the event features a rich program that includes agility championships and obedience trials.

It also highlights junior handlers, promoting the growth of young talent in the dog-handling world​.

History of Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Dog Show, formerly known as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, is a historical event that began in 1877.

It was initiated by a group of dog enthusiasts in New York City, who gathered at a Manhattan hotel bar to share stories about their hunting dogs. This group went on to establish the Westminster Kennel Club, named after the hotel where they met.

The club’s first dog show took place in what was then known as Gilmore’s Garden, later becoming the famous Madison Square Garden.

Originally planned as a three-day event, its popularity extended it to four days. Over the years, the show evolved, moving venues before settling back at Madison Square Garden, where it became a staple event and has been held almost annually.

“Best in Show,” the highest award at the Westminster Dog Show, was first introduced in 1907. This prize was awarded to a smooth fox terrier named Warren Remedy, who won it three times consecutively—a record that still stands.

The event has grown in scale and prestige, becoming a critical showcase for the finest purebred dogs, from pointers to terriers, all competing for top honors in what many consider the “Super Bowl of dog shows.”

Today, the show is one of the oldest continuous sporting events in the United States, second only to the Kentucky Derby.

It’s a major event not just for the dog community in America but globally, attracting thousands of dogs and handlers who compete in various categories​.

How to Celebrate the Westminster Dog Show

Dress the Part

Why not throw a themed costume party where everyone dresses up their dogs in adorable outfits? Whether you opt for glamorous show dog styles or fun, silly costumes, this will surely have some fun.

A costume contest can add a competitive twist, making it more exciting​.

Craft a Canine Menu

Serve dog-friendly treats and maybe even bake a dog-safe cake. Ensure all snacks are healthy and safe for pups. For the human guests, why not prepare snacks that look like bones or paw prints? It’ll keep the theme consistent and fun for everyone​​.

Decorate with Doggy Decor

Transform your space with decorations that celebrate the canine theme. Think banners, balloons, and tablecloths all featuring dog prints or models of famous breeds. Setting up a photo booth with dog-themed props can create lovely memories for guests and their furry friends.

Host a Viewing Party

Gather friends and their dogs to watch the show’s live broadcast. Provide comfortable seating and set up a big screen where everyone can watch the event unfold. Live streaming is available on the Westminster Kennel Club’s official website and through various apps, ensuring you catch every moment​​.

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