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More than just a simple steamed bun, Bao is a versatile treat that can contain a delicious variety of surprises inside. Sweet or savory, Bao has a story that goes back around two thousand years to a Chinese battle, but now it has its own day: National Bao Day!

History of National Bao Day

An Asian Street Food, Bao has been developed over the years to include a variety of different flavors and tastes, as they can really be filled with almost anything the cook has on hand. Pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetables and bean pastes are often used in Bao, as well as sweet versions that have jams, coconut paste, sweet custard and more.

Founded in 2017, National Bao Day takes place on August 22 because that is the day that the restaurant, Wow Bao, first opened its doors in Chicago, Illinois in 2003. As a previously well-kept Eastern secret, Bao continues to grow in popularity in the West, bringing with it the celebration of National Bao Day.

How to Celebrate National Bao Day

The fluffy little steamed dumpling is certainly worth celebrating! Try out some of these delicious ways to enjoy National Bao Day:

Enjoy Eating Some Bao

Obviously, the most delicious and appropriate way to celebrate National Bao Day is to dig into one of these delicious dumplings. Whether it’s the first time a person is trying them, or they’ve been eating them their whole lives, this day is perfect for indulging!

Try Some Different Bao Flavors

The versatility of these simple little steamed dumplings makes them an ideal pocket to fill with things that anyone can enjoy! Try out some cool Bao flavors to get started with celebrating the day.

Meat dishes might include options like Teriyaki Chicken, Orange Chicken or Kung Pao. For the vegetarians, choose something like Green Vegetables or Lotus Seed Paste. And for those with a sweet tooth, try Bao filled with Chocolate, Coconut Custard or Black Sesame Paste.

Visit Wow Bao for Discounts and Deals

Some restaurants might be offering special discounts and deals in honor of the day. Wow Bao, the founding restaurant for the day, has more than 500 locations to choose from across the US. In celebration of National Bao Day, Wow Bao offers in the past have included deals at certain locations like $15 off of a $25 purchase in store, or $15 off of a $30 purchase with free Grub Hub delivery.

Those who are interested in keeping up to date with discounts and promos can sign up for email notifications through the Wow Bao website.

Open a Bao Restaurant

Those who love Bao and can’t get enough of it might consider the franchising opportunities provided by the Wow Bao company. With an expansion goal of more than 1000 locations, this is a great time to get in on the action! Make this delicious dumpling trend a part of everyday life by opening a new Bao restaurant, or adding this delicious dish to the menu of a pre-exisitng restaurant.

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