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Whether it is through the hand that offers you a way back to standing, or the fireman that pulls someone out of a building, we have all experienced someone in our lives whom we can call an angel. Whether it was a minor thing on a bad day that just helps us cope, or a major action that changed our lives, most of us have looked skywards and thanked God for that person’s help. Today is the day to recognize that, during National Be An Angel Day.

Learn about National Be An Angel Day

We would be nowhere without the kindness of other people, right? In our darkest moments or in our time of need, we rely on the help of others to see it through. After all, life can be difficult at the best of times, and so when you work as a team, it becomes easier and challenges can be overcome. The human race is truly remarkable, and we often find that help is there from unexpected sources. It could even be a complete stranger. National Be An Angel Day celebrates this, and it gives us the opportunity to let our angelic sides shine through.

This day encourages us to inspire and support those who need it. It also is about recognizing people who have been angels to us. Whether it is poor planning, bad news, or something entirely out of our control; we all have bad days. Sometimes, we cannot even pinpoint why we are feeling that way. On those days, it is important to notice the people that make us feel good. You should recognize their energy, efforts, and kindness.

History of National Be An Angel Day

Started to encourage people to do random acts of kindness, Jayne Howard Feldman opened the doors to this celebration in 1993. Since then, it has become an entity in and of itself, helped along in no small part by social media. The movie Pass It Forward is an amazing example of how random acts of kindness can become something more than any one person could ever have hoped. Even now, this day gets more and more recognition every year, more and more are jumping on the bandwagon of random kindness.

How to celebrate National Be An Angel Day

This would be the day to put others before yourself. Mow a neighbour’s lawn, maybe watch their kids for a few hours so they can eliminate some of the stress in their lives. Show someone you’re close to the gratitude and thanks you have for everything they do for you, even if it is just a call, a hug or a thank you note. Write a note to a loved one, fill a random parking meter, volunteer at a soup kitchen. Plant a tree or two, clean up litter at your local park or even give out some flowers to a random stranger.

Donate some clothing or items from your home that you don’t use anymore, or just reach out to someone who needs a little help. Every action we take that helps another can result in many different things occurring, not the least of which are lasting friendships, eternal gratitude and or sometimes just a feeling of contentment of doing something good. While it is true we should all strive to be more kind in our daily lives, and more aware of the plights those around us suffer from, this is the day to really embrace generosity, on this, National Be An Angel Day.

There are so many other ways that you can celebrate National Be An Angel Day. It can be as simple as using kind words to spread positivity. It is amazing what a compliment or some friendly words can do to make someone feel better and have a great day. Rather than gossiping or complaining, which cultivates negativity, you should use words that bring out the best in other people and yourself too. You can even use this day to forgive someone who has wronged you. Is there someone who you have been holding a grudge against? Is there someone who has upset you in the past and you have held it against them? If so, why not take a minute to speak to them about it? It may be the perfect time for you to open your heart and mend these wounds.

The list does not end there when it comes to the different ways you can be an angel on this date. For example, you can pray on the behalf of others. Send a prayer request for a stranger, friend, or loved one. You can also put a little love in your friend’s inbox. Why not send them an email message or a text message to let them know that you are thinking of them and that you love them?

Another way to celebrate National Be An Angel Day is to thank people who make your life better. We’re not just talking about your best friends and family members. Why not thank the postman for doing his job every day? A little “thank you” can go a very, very long way. You can also give the gift of your patience. This is an amazing gift to give. You could simply de-escalate a heated situation with a smile or let someone go ahead of you in the grocery line, for instance. A little gesture like this can go a very long way.

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