We are heading into the back end of the year now and the colours are starting to change. Whether you are in the southern hemisphere and the natural world is starting to come back to life. Or whether you are in the northern hemisphere where everything is dying off for the winter months.

It’s this time of year that we start to asses how the year has gone so far and what we have done. But for me a lot of my favorite days are coming up and I can’t wait to celebrate them!

Read a Book Day

Not that I need an excuse to buy a book but I might as well and what better book to buy then the 50th anniversary edition of one of my favorite books! This will be the second copy I have but to be honest my first copy is very old and very worn. There are a lot of pages falling out of it, I have been told that I should get rid of it. But it was my Grand-mothers and my Fathers so it ain’t going any where!

And with the new film coming out this year it kind of made sense to get a new copy and give it a re-read It is one of the first sci-fi book I ever read so I am very much looking forward to snuggling up with this and a cup of chai tea!

Make Your Bed Day

There is nothing like starting your day with a made bed! I don’t know about you but having a made bed just give the feeling of starting the day off on the right foot and not feeling like the day has already got away from you. Plus you have the added benefit of crawling into a made bed at the end of the day and it there any better feeling than that! And if you can mix that feeling with freshly washed and dried bedding.

Plus I think one of the best feelings is to get into a made bed when you’re tired at the end of a long day! All your pillows are in one place and not strewn everywhere and there is a lovely comfort to it.

International Red Panda Day

I love Red Pandas! I have several around the house and whenever I go to a zoo I will actively seek them out. Even though I know that I will most likely not seen them because of there sleeping habits. But on the rare occasions that they are up and about I have manage to catch a few blurry photos of these gorgeous animals. And a fun fact that I only recently learnt but they are classed as carnivore vegetarian because of what they are closely related too.

There are so many conservation efforts going on around the world to try and help these guys. There is also a bunch of breeding programs to try and up the numbers of them left as there is currently less then 10,000 in the wild.

Cheeseburger Day

*Insert Homer drooling* Can you think of any other better way to celebrate this Day than a homemade burger with a slab of Roquefort melted on top! With some crunchy lettuce and a sweet slice of tomato. Just *chef kiss* the best! I am lucky enough to know a few good supplies of what I needed to celebrate this and the hubs did an amazing job at making the burger.

Yes I know that we went a little overboard on the trimmings, I had some gherkins in mine as well which I have not had in a long time. And I was craving that little be of salty goodness in my burger. It was also a nice counterpoint to the cheese.

Doodle Day

So picture it, your on the phone and you are in a queue waiting to speak to someone. There is a pen and an envelope in front of you. What do you start doing? Doodling of course. Mindless lines coming together to form a stream of conciseness. There is something satisfying about doodling and filling a page with your creations. Sometimes they make take a form of their own. Other times they are just a scribbly mess. But what ever they are they are a great way to wait out a call centre.

I love doodling and fleshing out a character or and idea. Especially if it has been floating around my head for a while. I enjoy fill out the lines and getting the details solidified before I put paint to paper and doing a final painting.

Save Your Photos Day

This is something that I have managed to finally get into a good habit of doing. I do it once a month instead of when my phone complains to me. I Back everything up to the cloud and then go through and get rid of the photos I no longer want. You know the ones that are blurry or are of a menu from a restaurant, the ones that don’t need to be saved. It takes a bit of time to do but it is worth it!

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my photos backed up. I regularly dip into them to find points of reference when talking to people. Especially if they are wanting to know where I have been or if I am talking about something and I have a photo is will most likely be in Google Photos back up.

The start of Autumn, in the northern hemisphere at least, is in full swing and I can not wait to celebrate a few of the more cosy days that require blankets and cats. What are you looking forward to?

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