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Chocolate’s okay, but I prefer a really intense fruit taste. You know when a peach is absolutely perfect… It’s sublime.

Kathy Mattea

Peaches are quite possibly the world’s perfect fruit, they are rich and delicious and even their flesh has an amazing texture. The aroma they fill the air with is enough to turn one’s stomach to rumble, and there’s little that can compare to a nice cold peach tea in the summer heat. Eat A Peach Day reminds you that it’s never a bad time to spend a little quality time with this perfect fruit.

History of Eat A Peach Day

Like many of the world’s most delicious foods, the peach tree finds its origins deep in the NW region of China in a beautiful area in the foothills. Nestled in between the Tarim Basin and Kunlun Shan mountains this tree is the origin of what are arguably two of the world’s most delectable fruits, the peach, and the nectarine. What few people know is that the nectarine is actually the same species of fruit as the peach!

Peaches botanical name is Prunus persica, which tells us something interesting about its history. You see, the persica name comes from its widespread cultivation in Persia, but as we mentioned that isn’t actually where the peach comes from. It quickly spread throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, and eventually found its way to America in the 16th Century by way of the Spanish Explorers.

By the 19th century cultivation had begun in the Americas, and now it can be found and enjoyed all over the world in infinite varieties, from white peaches to nectarines. Oh, how is it that nectarines and peaches are the same fruit but nectarines are furless? Well now, that’s just a recessive trait in the peach tree that’s been selectively bred for by nectarine farmers. Every year nectarines appear on peach trees as a result, and Eat a Peach Day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy either one!

How to celebrate Eat A Peach Day

First, head on down to your local produce store and pick up a variety of peaches to enjoy! Then slice one up and have it for breakfast, fresh and unsullied. Then slice one up and put it in a sandwich bag with some sugar, by lunch you’ll have a delicious snack of fresh peaches in a natural syrup. The best way to enjoy peach? Find yourself a recipe for a peach cobbler, and prepare one the night before so you can come home to a delicious dessert that evening. Eat A Peach Day is just the most delicious holiday ever!