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When the weather turns colder, dry skin is a common problem for many people. Due to the lack of humidity in the air as well as exposure to forced air or heating, skin can get much drier during the winter months.

Now, National Winter Skin Relief Day is here as a timely reminder to take care of that epidermis and enjoy the skin you wear every day!

History of National Winter Skin Relief Day

Winter skin can have a tendency to become dry, itchy, red or inflamed. Exposure to the elements, especially on areas like the face, hands, and lips can produce chapping, chafing, redness and dry patches.

Founded by the original makers of CeraVe Skincare (Valeant), National Winter Skin Relief Day offers the perfect opportunity to moisturize and keep that skin soft and supple.

Whether using this brand of products or another one, having a gentle and natural lotion, cream or moisturizer on hand is key! Put it on after the shower or bath, or slather it on before getting dressed each morning to help keep that winter skin protected and cared for.

National Winter Skin Relief Day is just the right time to think about and practice healthy care for skin!

How to Celebrate National Winter Skin Relief Day

Get on board with celebrating National Winter Skin Relief Day by implementing some of these ideas:

Take Care of That Skin

The first order of business when it comes to National Winter Skin Relief Day is to practice good skin hygiene. Consider some of these tips for keeping that skin healthy during the colder months:

  • Moisturize. Keep the body moisturized each day, and then have hand lotion by each sink so that it can be used each time after hand washing.
  • Lower Water Temperatures. Hotter water can tend to dry out the skin more so lower that water temp on the shower or for hand washing.
  • Stay Hydrated. It’s easy to forget that skin moisture comes from the inside too! Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated beverages that can tend to cause dehydration.
  • Invest in a Humidifier. For those who live in very dry environments, consider putting a humidifier to work in the home to keep the air moist.

Give the Gift of Skin Care

Celebrate National Winter Skin Relief Day by passing on a gift of winter skin care to a friend or family member. Create a basket filled with lotion, lip balm, skin cream or other gentle care products and let a loved one know how much they are loved!

Practice Self Care

The winter months are not only hard on the skin, but the short days and long nights can be hard on the mental health as well, which can often mean that self care is lacking. Celebrating National Winter Skin Relief Day is a good reminder to take care of not only the body, but to be gentle and kind to the mind and spirit as well!

While practicing good habits for taking care of the skin, perhaps it’s a good idea to also set aside a few moments to do some mental health boosts such as deep breathing exercises, meditation or listening to soft music.

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