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Veterans of the different branches of the American Armed Forces, including Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, bring with them a wealth of experience and dedication when they leave the military and re-enter into civilian society. But it can also be challenging for veterans to find a place for themselves and fit in after their time in the service. 

National Hire a Veteran Day encourages businesses and companies to consider hiring former military service men and women for their various job and career opportunities.

History of National Hire a Veteran Day

The first celebration of National Hire a Veteran Day can be traced back to 2017 when it was established through the efforts of one veteran of the Marine Corps and founder of Hire Our Heroes, Dan Caporale. The purpose behind the event was to draw more attention for companies and businesses to hire veterans, as well as to advocate for and encourage veterans who are job applicants. This event is a great time to recognize the many sailors, airmen, soldiers, Marines, and Coast guard men and women who all bring unique skill sets that are vital to the fabric of the workforce and society.

How to Celebrate National Hire a Veteran Day

Take a look at some of these ideas to get started with participating in National Hire a Veteran Day:

Consider Hiring a Veteran

Managers, business owners, headhunters and others with employment opportunities are encouraged to consider the needs of their staff and give a chance to those qualified candidates who are veterans of the US military. It is important to recognize that veterans bring experience and core values such as teamwork, communication, dedication, and pride in getting a job done well. Veterans often make excellent staff members in a wide range of different industries, and National Hire a Veteran Day is here to promote them!

Watch a Film About Veterans or Military

Get in the groove of National Hire a Veteran Day by watching or reading some stories about veterans that will give a better picture of what some of them go through. Many movies and books have been based on the true stories of women and men who have served in all the different branches of the military. Check out some of these film titles to get started:

  • American Sniper (2014) starring Bradley Cooper, directed by Clint Eastwood and based on the true story of veteran US Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle, including the traumatic experiences on the battlefield and their impact on his personal life 
  • Born on the Fourth of July (1989), directed by Oliver Stone, features Tom Cruise and tells the story of Ron Kovic who served in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War
  • The Last Full Measure (2019), includes an all-star cast of William Hurt, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris and Christopher Plummer, telling the real-life tale about the investigation of a Vietnam War Airman, William H. Pitsenbarger, who was denied the Medal of Honor 

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