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Like most days that are centered around a delicious food, National Cinnamon Crescent Day offers a delight for those who love to bake – and for those who love to eat. Enjoy the fun and flavor that surrounds the celebration of this tasty treat!

History of National Cinnamon Crescent Day

Cinnamon crescents have a vague origin that probably evolved from its close cousin, the cinnamon roll. Crescent rolls are a yeasty-type of dough roll that are a bit flaky. One name brand for these is owned by Pilsbury who started selling refrigerated versions of these crescent rolls in the 1960s as a convenient alternative to home baking.

Since that time, many recipes in the US have been developed around the idea of using this quick and easy dough to make simple meals and treats. The cinnamon crescent is definitely one of these. And now, National Cinnamon Crescent Day is here to show appreciation for and pay respect to this delicious treat that offers a classic but simple way to enjoy a home-baked treat in a short amount of time.

How to Celebrate National Cinnamon Crescent Day

National Cinnamon Crescent Day is a time to share in the warm, tasty goodness of these yummy and tasty treats. Celebrate the day with friends or family members by coming up with some of your own ideas or engaging with some of these plans:

Make Cinnamon Crescent Rolls at Home

Certainly National Cinnamon Crescent Day offers one of the quickest and easiest ways to delight in a home baked treat without a whole lot of fuss or mess! Make cinnamon crescent rolls at home with just a few ingredients: refrigerated crescent rolls, cinnamon, sugar and butter.

Of course, it’s possible to find some recipes that are more detailed and complicated, but the simplest way to go about it is to melt the butter, mix together the cinnamon and sugar and pour it all on the inside of the triangle shapes of dough. Roll into crescent shapes and bake as indicated on the container. Those who want to make it more special can certainly make an easy icing from powdered sugar and milk to drizzle on the top!

Share National Cinnamon Crescent Day with Friends

One of the best ways to celebrate a holiday is to share with loved ones. On National Cinnamon Crescent Day, it might be fun to bake up a few batches of this delicious treat and pass them around. Send a batch to school with the kids to share with students or teachers. Plate up some cinnamon crescents to give as gifts to service workers like the postal carrier or dry cleaner.

Take a container to work and pass it around or leave it in the break room. Offer some to neighbors who might feel lonely or would simply enjoy a home baked treat. It’s fun and easy to make the world a slightly nicer place simply by sharing cinnamon crescent rolls with the people in the community!

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