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Designated as the day for celebrating everything colorful in the United States, National Color Day offers the opportunity for anyone and everyone to think about, enjoy and appreciate the beauty that a rainbow of colors can bring to life.

History of National Color Day

Living in a world of color, it’s hard to imagine one that is only black and white. In fact, most people are so accustomed to living in color that they tend to take for granted the access they have to a colorful world. 

National Color Day is the time to remember the joy and delight that comes from having access to every color on the spectrum. From Red and Yellow to Blue and Purple, and all of the colors in between, this is the day to be grateful for and attentive to the difference that color makes in life each day.

How to Celebrate National Color Day

Enjoy the beauty of National Color Day by getting creative and celebrating in a variety of ways, such as these:

Create Colorful Art Projects

Whether grabbing some coloring books and crayons to enjoy coloring with the kids, or heading to the art supply store with friends to pick up a canvas and some colorful paints and paintbrushes, National Color Day is the ideal time to get a bit more colorful with life! Creating art can be not only a way to celebrate the day and have a new painting to hang on the wall, but art can also function as emotional therapy, bringing greater health to those who participate.

Listen to a Color Themed Soundtrack

Everyone knows that music is a life-giving mood booster! Build into the celebration of this day by creating a playlist that includes music and lyrics that are created all around the theme of color.

Get started with some of these ideas for colorful songs:

  • Sing a Rainbow by Peggy Lee (1955). Featured in the film Pete Kelly’s Blues, this song has been used for decades to teach the colors to children.
  • Yellow Submarine by the Beatles (1966). One of the more unique songs by this iconic British band, this song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon as a children’s song and it was featured on a double A-side single with another unique song, Eleanor Rigby.
  • Orange Crush by REM (1988). Ironically released on the band’s album simply titled Green, this song was not commercially released in the US but still became a number one hit. The song was written by lead singer Michael Stipe about the theme of Agent Orange, a chemical agent used during the VietNam war.
  • Purple Rain by Prince (1984). Created an almost instantaneous cult following, this song was one of the most memorable and iconic songs released by the musician – and it was originally written as a country song.

Celebrate Colors in Nature

National Color Day might be a great time to just get out into nature and take some time to appreciate the vast array of colors that are on offer by the environment. Take a look at some purple flowers, check out the blue of the sky, enjoy the green of the trees or embrace the golden hue of changing leaves!

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