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National Cookie Dough Day is undoubtedly one of the sweetest days of the year. It’s a special celebration that brings joy to the hearts of sweet-toothed enthusiasts everywhere.

This holiday is a heartwarming tribute to the creamy and dreamy indulgence that is cookie dough. Whether someone may be a classic chocolate chip fan, or prefer to venture into more adventurous flavors, this day is for them. It’s time to dig in and enjoy indulging in one of the most beloved dessert ingredients — just be sure to indulge in a safer, egg-free version.

Cookie dough’s history is as rich as its flavor. Cookies have a long history that dates way back to seventh-century Persia. Originally, cookies were a byproduct of cake baking. The first cookies were cute, tiny test cakes that bakers would pop in an oven to check the temperature. If the cookie came out well, the oven was ready to bake the more expensive cakes.

Cookies made their way to Europe during the fourteenth century. By the late 1300s, Parisian street vendors sold small wafer-shaped cookies to their customers. 

Fast-forward to the 1950s in the United States. Food company giants like Nestle and Pillsbury introduced commercially available pre-made cookie and cake mixes, revolutionizing the accessibility and increasing the ease of baking in the modern day.

But the cookie dough we so adore today got a massive bump in popularity in 1984. That was the year when American ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s received a suggestion from an anonymous fan. Ben & Jerry’s introduced the world to their cookie dough ice cream soon after. This innovation sparked a new interest in eating cookie dough, transforming it from an idea into a favorite treat in its own right.

While Americans were falling head over heels with eating cookie dough, it came with a risk. Eating raw eggs and flour was not recommended by public health officials.

But an up-and-coming innovation quickly addressed that — the edible cookie dough trend. It began thanks to entrepreneur Kristen Tomlan, who created a cookie dough without eggs. Tomlan’s company, DŌ, created cookie dough that was safe to eat raw, free from the traditional risks that can come from uncooked eggs and flour.

Celebrating National Cookie Dough Day is about indulging in a decadent sweet treat. Dough not miss out on the chance to enjoy this celebration! Here are some fun and inventive ways to celebrate National Cookie Dough Day:

Whip up a batch of egg-free, heat-treated flour cookie dough at home. Get creative with fun mix-ins like chocolate chips, nuts, or even colorful sprinkles. There are so many online resources and websites for recipes to make homemade edible cookie dough.

Invite friends and family over for a cookie dough tasting extravaganza, and offer up a variety of flavors. Think of treats like classic chocolate chip cookie flavor or dream up adventurous combinations, such as peanut butter and jelly or salted caramel. Let the imagination run wild.

Organize a National Cookie Day potluck dinner with a super fun twist; each guest brings a dessert with cookie dough. Think beyond the traditional – cookie dough stuffed cupcakes, truffles, or rich and gooey cookie dough dip.

Don’t forget to let the kids roll up their sleeves and have some fun, too! Use edible cookie dough as a medium for edible art. They can shape, decorate, and eventually dive into the delicious creations.

In the spirit of generosity and sharing, host a virtual bake-along where participants can share their favorite cookie dough recipes and baking tips.

Support Local Bakeries

Many bakeries and ice cream shops offer special treats every year on National Cookie Dough Day. It’s the best of both worlds — support local businesses and still enjoy eating cookie dough.

Movie buff? Cookie dough lover? Don’t pick just one. Pair a movie night with a bowl of edible cookie dough for a cozy and indulgent evening.

National Cookie Dough Day is much more than a mere excuse to indulge in a favorite sweet treat. Rather, it’s a celebration of culinary innovation and one of the simple joys that make life just a bit sweeter.

So, on National Cookie Dough Day, grab a mixing bowl and wooden spoon, unleash some creativity, and dive into the delicious world of eating raw cookie dough!

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