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Step away from the mundane and get that originality flowing! National Creativity Day brings to life the inspiration and motivation that can help to get the whole world out of a rut. Whether it’s a group of professional artists or simply some folks who are looking for encouragement, this is the ideal day to show appreciation for those who are unique, special and unapologetically creative!

History of National Creativity Day

All throughout the world creative people often live on the edges of culture, pushing boundaries and imagining things in a fresh and new way. It is this spirit of innovation, inspiration and creativity that keeps the world moving forward and growing deeper.

In celebration of these creative spirits – and the imaginative spirit that lives in all of us – National Creativity Day brings an opportunity to show respect for those in the community who see the world a little differently.

National Creativity Day got its start in 2018 when it was founded by Hal Croasmun and the company ScreenwritingU. The purpose of establishing the day was to bring attention to and show appreciation for the people in the world who are makers. Now, the day is celebrated each year in honor and celebration of the artists, makers and creatives that live among us!

How to Celebrate National Creativity Day

Choose to live a little more on the edge in celebration of National Creativity Day. Have some fun observing the day with some of these ideas:

Get More Creative

Whether creativity is a job or a hobby, National Creativity Day is the ideal time to release a spark of inspiration personally as well as within that sphere of influence. Musicians, artists, teachers, dancers and so many others use this day as an opportunity to not only be creative individually but also to collaborate with others in creative pursuits.

Teachers can encourage students to work on creative art projects. Parents can get creative with family days. And folks who haven’t been creative since they were kids might want to pick up a sketchpad and pencil to see what comes of it! Decorate the world with color and imagination in observance of National Creativity Day.

Support an Artist

It’s often true that many artists don’t get paid enough to be able to support themselves with their art. National Creativity Day might act as inspiration to head over to some art shows, galleries and shops that feature work by local artists. Make some purchases and show some appreciation in observance of the day.

Take an Art Class

National Creativity Day might be a good reason to learn something new that is creative! Perhaps there is an art class or pottery course at the local community college that is open to new students. Maybe this would be a good time to join that beginner dance class just for fun. Or pick up a new instrument and start learning how to play it through a live tutor or online lessons.

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