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Dachshunds are a playful, loyal little breed of dog that make spunky little companions for small children and older folks alike. All of the celebratory days that have been founded in honor of little tail-waggers can be just delightful – and National Dachshund Day is no exception!

History of National Dachshund Day

Dachshunds have been making their way into the hearts of humans for hundreds of years. Originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers, these little pups got their name from the two German words for badger (“dachs”) and dog (“hund”). In German, the name is pronounced “daaks-hunt”, which is why the breed is sometimes called by the nickname “doxie” or “dachsie”. Because of their stubby little legs and long torsos, the dachshund has also become known as the “weiner dog”.

National Dachshund Day was established to honor and pay respect to these dogs that are one of the smallest breeds. The day is celebrated on the longest day of the year, offering a little nod to the length of the dachshund’s body!

How to Celebrate National Dachshund Day

Show some love for this delightful little furry creature by participating in National Dachshund Day! Have a blast and get going with some of these ideas for the day:

Adopt a Dachshund

One way to participate in National Dachshund Day might be to consider adopting one into the family. These special little friends are cute and feisty, perfect for someone who has quite a bit of time and energy to spend caring for them. They make excellent companions as well as good watchdogs, though they can be a bit difficult to train, so be sure to understand their unique needs before bringing a dachshund home!

Learn Fun Facts About Dachshunds 

An excellent way to get involved with this day might be to get a bit more educated and knowledgeable about this tiny dog breed. In celebration of National Dachshund Day, learn a few of these fun facts and share them with friends to promote the day:

  • Dachshunds come in two sizes. The standard size of this dog weighs up to 35 pounds and the miniature weighs only 11 pounds or less.

  • Dachshunds can have three different types of coats: smooth, wired or long-haired, but smooth is the most popular.

  • The first official mascot for the Olympics in 1972 was a dachshund named Waldi.

  • Dachshunds live a very long time, longer than most dog breeds. Many different dachshunds have held the world record for the oldest dog.

Attend Dachshunds on Parade 

One event that might be fun to plan to attend in honor of National Dachshund Day is the Dachshunds on Parade that takes place in Washington state each year. This activity was started in 2003 as a class project by students at Central Washington University, this event has since been adopted by the people of the town of Ellensburg. The event includes dog shows while raising funds for charity. In more recent years, other breeds of dogs have also been welcome to participate in the event.

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