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While food, shelter and clothing are considered some of the most basic elements needed for human survival, some studies have also shown that an appreciation for beauty is an element that is necessary for humans to thrive. The National Day of Arts in Care Homes serves as a reminder that experiences of beauty and the arts are vital for people of all ages!

History of National Day of Arts in Care Homes

The first National Day of Arts in Care Homes was celebrated in 2019 as an exciting way to showcase the artwork and beauty that is being created and enjoyed throughout care homes across the UK. With an aim of giving residents access to the arts and adding to their quality of life, the event was formed in collaboration with the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) with a number of different activities to help foster this goal.

One such scheme that was created in honor of this day was the Only Connect pen pal project. This activity encouraged people in care homes all over the nation to write creative letters, attend writers’ circles, make musical ‘letters’ and more. These artistic creations were meant to be exchanged and shared to inspire and delight those in care homes, along with their loved ones and staff members.

In addition, an Arts Fund Voucher scheme was created for National Day of Arts in Care Homes. This program allows for friends and family members of those living in care homes to purchase vouchers that can be used to fund different art related activities and projects.

Another similar event to this one takes place in Ireland in mid-May, called National Day of Arts in Nursing Homes.

How to Celebrate National Day of Arts in Care Homes

Take a look at some of these ideas or get creative with other ideas of your own in celebration of the National day of Arts in Care Homes:

Volunteer in a Care Home

Anyone, whether they feel particularly creative or not, can sign up to help older people with enjoying beauty and creativity related to the arts. Check with a local care home program director to find out what the needs are and offer to share an artistic talent with the folks who might enjoy it. This might include a painting or sculpting event, a live musical experience, sewing, poetry reading, dancing or collage making. These types of activities can build enjoyment, resonate beauty, and foster artistic creativity – all of which have been known to be part of providing healing for the brain and body.

Watch Recorded Arts in Care Homes Events

Those who are interested in getting more connected with the National Day of Arts in Care Homes can check out past experiences online. The organization’s website offers access to video recordings of different activities, talks and events that are related to arts, storytelling, art history, and the impact that the arts can have on the quality of life for those in care homes.  

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