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Those who are getting excited about the upcoming holiday shopping season can certainly get on board with National Deal Week! This event brings about all kinds of opportunities to score deals and discounts, in addition to supporting local businesses and also getting ahead of the December rush. Have loads of fun – and get that list checked off – while celebrating National Deal Week this year! 

History of National Deal Week

Getting its start on the Wednesday before US Thanksgiving, National Deal Week is an opportunity for marketers and businesses to promote their various deals ahead of the big shopping days like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.   

The National Deal Week event got its start through the National Retail Federation sometime around 2017, or possibly earlier, although the general idea of the dates can be traced back much further – especially Black Friday.

The term “Black Friday” was originally used in association with stock market crashes. Then, in the 1950s, business managers referred to the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday because employees would call in sick to get a long weekend off of work. Later, in 1961, the term became associated with shopping when the city of Philadelphia was extra-crowded with visitors for the Army-Navy football game so that traffic cops had to work twelve hour shifts to cover it!

In more recent years, the other days have been added, including Cyber Monday in 2005 and Small Business Saturday in 2010. All of these days combined together in 2011 to produce National Deal Week, turning this collection of days into a shopper’s dream!

How to Celebrate National Deal Week

Looking for ways to get involved and save big during National Deal Week? Consider some of these ideas for celebrating this event:

Go Shopping during National Deal Week

Consumers and shoppers who have a list of purchases to make might best get involved with National Deal Week by taking advantage of the special sales and discounts offered this week. Many people like to scour the ads and do their homework in advance so that their shopping activities can be most efficient. Some people now begin showing up at major retailers late at night on Thanksgiving Day to get even better deals ahead of the Black Friday crowds.

Grab Online Deals

Folks who don’t prefer to stand in line outside waiting for a store to open can certainly grab some deals that can be found in cyberspace through online shopping. These discounts may happen all throughout National Deal Week, particularly on Cyber Monday. Many companies will release ads in advance so folks can compare prices and get the best bargains. Don’t forget to order early, however, to be sure that deliveries happen well in advance of the holidays!

Support Small Businesses

While discounts at huge retailers are great, National Deal Week also brings the opportunity to promote the small guys in the local area. Small Business Saturday brings features through local businesses and retailers, often including special coupons, unique events, or even festivities that the whole family can participate in.

And those folks who happen to own a small business can certainly get involved by taking advantage of opportunities to offer special deals, discounts, customer loyalty programs and so much more!

Each year since it started, the number of people who get involved with Small Business Saturday has continued to grow through the backing of their communities. This is a great time to remember that small businesses are often the backbone of a community, so buying from them during this shopping event – and all throughout the year – is a perfect way to show some support to the little guys.

Share and Care

While it’s certainly fun to get involved with the hubbub of shopping, some people like to celebrate National Deal Week by remembering how good they have it and then giving back to others who have less. For instance, as this week happens around Thanksgiving, many people like to share some of their good fortune by making a donation or providing a holiday meal to a family who is in need, perhaps through a local food bank.

Other charities, like Toys for Tots take donations of toys to give to the children of families who cannot afford them. Many large retail chains even set up a donation point at their cash registers, making it easy for customers to purchase toys and then donate them on the spot. 

So even during all of the hype of this shopping season, it’s important to keep in mind that sharing and giving, particularly to those in need, is what makes the world a better place to live in!

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