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Everyone’s favorite Spanish-speaking adventurer, Dora the Explorer has her own special day to be celebrated. That’s right, it’s time for National Dora Day! So put on that backpack, practice some Spanish phrases and get ready to have loads of fun on this delightful day. 

History of National Dora Day

It might be a little difficult to believe that Dora the Explorer is actually more than 20 years old. She got her start in 2000 when her animated children’s show premiered on the Nickelodeon network. At this time, Dora was an important representation as a Spanish-speaking, Latina girl. This heroic young girl goes on a huge range of adventures and explorations, with the purpose of finding either a lost item or helping someone in need.

The show was not only appreciated by children, but it was also well-known in the grown-up world. Nominated for fifteen daytime Emmy awards and winning one, this animated kid’s show was very successful.

Although Dora’s show finally ended in 2019, this little character played an important role in the lives of millions of children in various parts of the world. In fact, during the show’s run, the stories about her character and her friends have been shown in more than 140 markets and the show has been translated into at least 23 different languages. Dora has also had tons of different products sold under the franchise, including toys, games, plush dolls, clothing, books and so much more.

National Dora Day is here to show some love and appreciation for this delightful character who brought some special Spanish phrases and Latino culture into many homes. Repeating phrases like “¡Vamonos!”, “¡Cuidado!” and “¡Lo hicimos!”, the show also came along with some memorable chants in English, such as “Swiper, no swiping!”.

How to Celebrate National Dora Day

Join in on this celebration and enjoy some nostalgia by participating in National Dora Day. Get creative with activities and check out some of these ideas for starting out:

Watch Some Dora the Explorer Episodes

An excellent way to have fun on National Dora Day might be to source the show on a streaming platform, or maybe some old DVDs, and watch it. It’s the most fun when screened with children, so watch it with the kids, nieces and nephews or grandchildren for even more fun. With 178 episodes of Dora’s show, as well as spinoffs like Go, Diego, Go!, or Dora and Friends, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Throw a National Dora Day Party

Have loads of fun and get excited about celebrating National Dora Day by throwing a little party in honor of this character. The kids and adults alike can be invited to get dressed up in costumes that represent Dora and her friends. Choose decorations that reflect the Latino theme, and of course the food should be Dora inspired with cookies, cupcakes or “backpack snacks”.

Go on an Adventure

If kids learn nothing else from Dora the Explorer, it’s that life can always be filled with adventures and expeditions! For a day trip, grab a backpack, fill it with the proper gear such as snacks, maps, rope and a couple of library books, and then head on out for some fun. Go to a local park. Try out some rock climbing walls. Check into a hike on a small hill or in a forest.

Those who want to have a more extreme adventure can make plans in advance to take an exotic trip to someplace in Latin America. Choose Peru, where the live-action Dora film took place, or some other countries that have plenty of opportunity for hiking, sightseeing and other types of adventures.

Enjoy Dora and the Lost City of Gold

This little Latina adventurer is so beloved that in 2019 she got her own live-action film. As expected, the movie offers tons of silly action as the kids go on their adventures and friendships are forged. The actors in the film include Isabela Merced playing Dora, as well as Jeff Wahlberg, Michael Pena, Eva Longoria and others. And, of course, the story wouldn’t be complete with Dora’s pet monkey, Boots!

The plot of the movie starts with 6-year-old Dora exploring deep in the jungles of Peru and then fast-forwards ten years later to when she goes to join her cousin Diego in Los Angeles, California. Eventually the teens and some friends go on an adventure to find Dora’s missing parents as they also work to solve the mystery of the lost city of gold.

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