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Have all sorts of fun and step back into a world of nostalgia by celebrating National Mr. Potato Head Day. This iconic toy can bring back all sorts of memories of the days of childhood when the world was simple and the only thing needed was to make a face on a potato! 

History of National Mr. Potato Head Day

Mr. Potato Head got his start in 1949 when he was invented and produced by a man named George Lerner. Lerner was inspired to make the toy by the fact that he would take potatoes from his mother’s garden and make dolls for his younger sisters to play with, making use of other fruits and vegetables to create facial features.

He pitched the idea to a toy company, offering push pin parts that could be attached to an actual potato. Originally, Lerner’s idea was rejected, perhaps due to various food shortages following World War II, but eventually the idea went through, first distributed through cereal boxes.

Eventually, in 1952, the toy was distributed by the Hasbro toy company and became popular. That year, on April 30, Mr. Potato head became the first toy to ever be advertised on television, and became available in stores the next day – selling for a retail price of $0.98.

Since that time, Mr. Potato Head has become very popular and has retained his status as a toy icon for more than 70 years. Just a year following this debut, Mrs. Potato Head appeared in 1953, followed by a brother called Spud and a sister named Yam.

Mr. Potato Head Day was established to celebrate and pay honor to this simple toy that has delighted millions and millions of children throughout his lifetime.

How to Celebrate National Mr. Potato Head Day

This day is all about nostalgia and having loads of fun! Enjoy a little blast from the past and take some time to

Play with a Mr. Potato Head

Obviously the whole point of this day is to draw out the inner child of millions of folks, children and adults alike, who simply want to engage in some fun. Have a delightful time on National Mr. Potato Head Day by digging into that old box of toys in the attic, sneaking into the toy box in the kids’ room and grabbing one, or heading online to buy one. Mr. Potato Head offers a creative opportunity to be serious or silly, by putting a foot on the face where the nose belongs, or the lips where the ears belong. It’s a silly way to relax and enjoy some time in play, whether with some kids or on your own!

Watch Mr. Potato Head on the Big Screen

One delightful way to celebrate National Mr. Potato Head Day might be to catch him as a movie star in one of the many versions of Toy Story. He made his silver screen debut in the first Toy Story movie, which came out in 1995. Appearing alongside a multitude of toy friends, he was joined by classics such as Barbie, Ken, Slinky Dog, the Barrel of Monkeys, Mrs. Potato Head, the Chatter telephone and so many others.

The options for a movie marathon on this day might feel almost endless with titles like Toy Story 1-4 as well as Toy Story of Terror, Partysaurus Rex, Toy Story Toons and a few others.

Head to the Toy Store for Nostalgia

Mr. Potato Head is an iconic toy, but he certainly hasn’t stayed the same over his more than 70 years of history. This guy is pretty classic, but he has also evolved to keep up with the times and stay relevant. Today’s versions of Mr. Potato Head toys offer some different options for facial features, unique shoes, and there are even family sets that come in a group. Mini versions of the toy can even be found, wearing little costumes related to the Toy Story movie.

In honor of National Mr. Potato Head Day, head on over to a toy store and start wandering through the aisles. Certainly there will be some fun versions of everyone’s favorite potato toy, but perhaps there will be some other toys that bring a bit of nostalgia as well. Wander up and down the rows of toys to conjure up fun memories of toys like a Furby, Raggedy Ann dolls, a See ‘N Say or a wide range of others.

Those who enjoy celebrating days related to toys can have fun all year long with events like National Slinky Day in August, Etch-a-Sketch Day in July, or Toy Soldier Day celebrated on March 4th. 

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