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Likely one of the oldest games that has ever been played between humans and dogs, fetch offers a way for bonding with man’s best friend. National Fetch Day is the time to remember how loyal dogs can be and how much most of them love to retrieve something – virtually anything! – that has been thrown.

History of National Fetch Day

Getting its start in 2018, National Fetch Day was founded by the Chuckit! company, which makes high performance toys for dogs. With the intention of revolutionizing the classic game of fetch, Chuckit! began in 1988. Their parent company, Petmate, was dedicated to creating interactive toys that promote action for pets as well as for their owners. From frisbees to launchers, from water toys to toys that glow, this company’s products offer all sorts of fun opportunities to make pet play even more fun and active.

Now, National Fetch Day is growing in popularity as pet owners appreciate the reminder that their dogs need them to be good friends and play with them on a regular basis as part of living happy, healthy lives. And since it is always celebrated on a Saturday, that makes it even easier for many people to participate.

Plus, getting out and playing fetch is actually healthy for pet owners too! So don’t delay. Put on those sneakers, grab the lease and head out to the backyard or a local green space where National Fetch Day can be celebrated!

How to Celebrate National Fetch Day

A fun and simple day to celebrate, of course the most important part of National Fetch Day is to get outside and play fetch or other games with your dog. Consider some of these other cool ideas for celebrating and enjoying the day:

Buy Your Dog a New Toy

It stands to reason that National Fetch Day is the right time to spoil Rover with a new toy that you both can play fetch with. It might be a special toy from the Chuckit! brand who created the slobber-free fetch launcher. Or it could be another favorite brand like the KONG flying disc or Chew King fetch balls. Whatever style is preferred by your dog, head over to the pet store to see what options they have for making your dog’s day.

Get Creative with National Fetch Day

Keep your pup from packing on the pounds, and protect your own heart health too by staying active and playing fetch. In fact, fetch is an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

And for those who don’t have a dog of their own? That’s okay! A game of Frisbee can still be fun, even without a dog. Another idea might be to volunteer to dog-sit for a friend or head out to a dog park and connect with some friendly pet owners who will let you play fetch with their dogs.

Even better, start a business as a dog walker and there will always be plenty of dogs around to play with on National Fetch Day!

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