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National Golf Lovers Day is the joy and delight of many a person in the world who loves golf!

History of National Golf Lovers Day

No one knows the exact time that the game of golf started, some records show that something similar to golf appeared in China during the Song Dynasty from 940 to 1279 AD. In addition, Julius Caesar played a game similar to golf as early as 50 BC, which included hitting a feather-stuffed ball with a tree branch that was in the shape of a club.

The modern day version of golf in the Western world seems to have originated on the eastern coast of Scotland, near what was the royal capital, Edinburgh. Instead of beginning with a little pockmarked ball, the game started with players using a bent stick and trying to hit pebbles over the sand dunes and around the tracks.

By 1457, the King of Scots, James II, was perturbed by the fact that the men of Scotland were spending more time playing golf and football instead of practicing their military skills. So the king made a decree through an Act of Parliament that banned the games of golf and football.

It wasn’t until almost 50 years later that the game was approved of by royalty again, when King James IV became the first monarch in the world who played golf. Not long after, King Charles I and Mary Queen of Scots were responsible for bringing the game of golf to England, and then to the European continent through France.

Golf came to the United States at some time in the 17th century. In fact, the first recorded round of golf in America seems to have taken place in 1650 in Fort Orange, which was located near what is now Albany, New York. But it was some time before it started to gain popularity. By the 1920s, golf started to become very popular in the United States and the love for it has turned into quite the athletic industry in Europe, America and all throughout the world.

National Golf Lovers Day Timeline


King James II bans golf in Scotland 

As Scotsmen are playing golf and football instead of practicing their military training exercises, the king bans the games in an Act of Parliament.[1]


Golf rules are first written down 

The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers writes down the Thirteen Articles for their Leith Links tournament.[2]


First Golfer’s Instruction Book is written 

H.B. Fannie writes The Golfer’s Manual: Being an Historical and Descriptive Account of the National Game of Scotland, under the pseudonym of “A Keen Hand”.[3]

19th Century

Golf expands through the world 

As the British Empire grows across the globe, so does the game of golf.[4]


PGA Tour is formed 

The Professional Golfers’ Association is formed after a group of golf players rebel.[5]

How to Celebrate National Golf Lovers Day

For the celebration of National Golf Lovers Day, there are so many activities and ideas that can be enjoyed! Check out some of these ideas and consider implementing them in honor of the day:

Play a Round of Golf

Those who love golf should certainly get out on the green and play a round! Play 9 holes in a couple of hours, or spend a half day and go for a full 18 holes at a favorite golf course. If there’s no great place to play golf locally, then take a little road trip and head to Florida and Arizona, as these states tend to be some of the best places in the United States to play golf.

Take a Golf Trip to Scotland

Use National Golf Lovers Day as an excuse to take a trip to the place where golf began: Scotland! With more than 550 golf courses to choose from, Scotland has more golf courses to choose from per capita than any other place in the world.

The Old Course at St. Andrews is considered to be the oldest golf course in Scotland. It is also called the Grand Old Lady or simply The Old Lady. It dates back as far as the early parts of the 15th century. This one, as well as the other 500+ golf courses in Scotland would be a delight to spend in celebration of National Golf Lovers Day!

Get Some New Golf Gear

What could be a better time to treat yourself to some new golf gear than National Golf Lovers Day?! Or, for those who aren’t necessarily golfers themselves but who are in a relationship with a golf lover, then it’s the perfect time to gift them with some longed-for gear. Consider getting or gifting one of these in celebration of this day:

  • Golf Shoes. One of the most important pieces of gear, golf shoes are designed specifically with the idea of swing in mind. They are made to put limits on lateral movement but also keeping the middle of the foot supported, which means it is less flexible than most sport shoes. 
  • Pro Golf Balls. The need for golf balls is never-ending for golf lovers. Choose some high end golf balls like Titleist Pro V1, which many would consider to be the number one ball for golf. 
  • Golf Bag. There’s nothing worse than having a great set of golf clubs but having a junky old bag to carry them around in. National Golf Lovers Day is a great time to get a new golf bag that will offer all of the bells and whistles to help cart around those golf clubs. Some of the best golf bags are lightweight, offer solid legs for standing and are comfortable to carry around. 
  • Golf Clubs. Go for the big guns on this day and take it as an opportunity to purchase some new golf clubs! Whether it’s an entire new set or just an individual piece that you’ve been longing for, like a new driver or a new putter. 

Join a Golf Club

Get connected with other folks who also love golf and want to develop their games. Whether it’s an individual membership or something for the whole family, a local golf club offers excellent perks for those who want to connect and invest more time in playing. Plus, joining a golf club is the ideal way to obtain a handicap.

Many golf clubs offer a variety of membership package options. This can include discounts for young members, academy or starter memberships, social memberships, weekend or five-day memberships, country memberships for those who live a distance from the course, and many other options.

Golf clubs offer many benefits, including the ability to freely access the golf course, have the certainty of arranging a game at a certain time, playing in competitions and developing golf friendships that allow people to invest in community.

National Golf Lovers Day FAQs

Is golf a sport?

Golf is a sport that uses a club to hit balls into holes that are placed in a series throughout a course.[1]

Does golf grip matter?

Yes. Golf grip can affect the swing weight of the club, and therefore the shot shape.[2]

Can golf shoes affect your swing?

Since performance has everything to do with posture as well as swing, golf shoes can be very important.[3]

What is a golf handicap?

In golf, a handicap is a number that represents a golfer’s ability, allowing players to compare their scores.[4]

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