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Maybe every day can’t be a good hair day but in celebration of National Hair Day, this one certainly can be. Join in and get ready to learn and appreciate everything fun and exciting that has to do with hair!

History of National Hair Day

Hair has been the crowning glory of the human head perhaps since the very beginning of time! In fact, researchers think the comb was used by ancient Egyptians as far back as 5500 BC. The hairbrush took a bit longer to come out though, and the Kent Hairbrush Company is recorded as having started in 1777 in Hertfordshire, England.

While wealthy people have been having their hair done for centuries, early on this was typically done either by a family member or perhaps by a personal servant.

By the mid-1700s, however, the first person to have declared himself a ‘professional’ hairdresser in Europe was Legros de Rumigny who worked for the French court. In fact, he wrote a book on hairdressing that included pictures of the unique hairstyles that he had designed. The book was called Art de la Coiffure des Dames, which can be translated to The Art of Hairstyles for Ladies.

National Hair Day is a bit newer on the scene and is just beginning to develop its own history. Founded in 2017 by NuMe, a hair care company, this day is all about celebrating the styling tools and hair care products that help to make each person’s hair as beautiful as possible.

Whether hair is straight, wavy, curly or kinky, there are a myriad of different products and tools that can help to enhance the natural texture of hair while making it look its very best. And National Hair Day is the best time for it!

How to Celebrate National Hair Day

Wondering how to celebrate and enjoy this delightful day? There are all kinds of ways! Get creative on your own, or try out some of these ideas that can be enjoyed in honor of National Hair Day:

Get a Haircut

Make an appointment at the barber or hair salon in honor of National Hair Day! Get that new ‘do that you’ve been thinking about, whether chopping it short, going for layers, adding bangs or fringe, or turning into a platinum blonde inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Don’t be afraid to go for the full shampoo, cut, color and style. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what kind of fun that can be had on National Hair Day.

Consider a New Hairstyle

Of course, National Hair Day doesn’t mean it’s necessary to go to extremes. Even those who aren’t ready for a new cut or color might be able to play around with their hair a bit on this day. Maybe start by making the part of your hair on the other side!

This is also a great time to learn a new skill that is related to hair styling. Perhaps that might be learning how to make a regular braid, a French braid or a Fishtail Braid. YouTube and other online videos can act as an excellent resource for learning with easy, step by step tutorials on how to create a new hairstyle.

Try Out Some New Hair Care Products

National Hair Day is the ideal time to pop into the beauty supply store and find out what’s new in the world of hair care products and styling tools. Perhaps pick up a new brand of mousse or heat protectant spray. Try out a new curling iron, blow dryer or hair straightener. Or even consider getting a fun new color for hair, whether temporary or permanent.

Buy a New Hairbrush

Some hairstylists say that a typical person needs to replace their hairbrush every six months to a year. Of course, this depends on how often it is used, how much product the person uses, how long their hair is and even how often they clean their hair brushes.

It’s also possible that some people have simply been using the wrong kind of hairbrush for their particular type of hair. Those who are in the market for a new hairbrush might want to consider one of these styles in celebration of National Hair Day:

  • Curly Hair. Many people say that curly hair should never be brushed, but if it’s necessary for detangling, then use a special cushion brush that has nylon bristles to keep the curls from getting frizzy and knotted.
  • Frizzy Hair. This is a complicated hair type and the best type of hair brush will tame that frizz and keep it in place. Try using a hairbrush that has bristles made of boar. The natural bristles help to distribute the hair oils more evenly throughout the hair.
  • Blow-Dry Brushes. People who blow dry their hair on a regular basis need special tools to keep their hair happy and healthy. The best type for blow drying are brushes that are made from ceramic and have ionic properties that repel water to shorten the drying time and keep the hair from getting overly damaged.
  • Teasing Brush. Looking for more volume? A special boar’s hair and nylon teaching brush gets close to the scalp to get that hair high. Choose one that has a pointed handle which can be used for creating parts or separating strands of hair.

Enjoy Some New Hair Accessories

Pop into an accessory shop or department store and check out what’s on offer these days for hair accessories. Ribbons, ponytail holders, barrettes, clips and so many other delightful products provide tons of different options for wearing the hair in unique ways. Try securing a ponytail in the back, a braid, two buns on the sides, or even a popular banana clip to hold the hair back from the face.

Little girls can get away with a brand new hair bow in honor of National Hair Day! Something colorful like Jojo’s Bows would be a fun and delightful addition to a hairstyle today, keeping things snazzy.

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