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Crafters and artists, painters and basket weavers, sewers and potters, and so many other talented and creative people are celebrated on this day, National Handmade Day. So get ready to enjoy some amazing handcrafted, handmade items and pieces of art on this delightful day!

History of National Handmade Day

When the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid-19th century became a response to the Industrial Revolution, the idea was to support local businesses, artists and cottage industries who made handcrafted and handmade items. But even though the support of the Arts and Crafts movement has been around for many decades, National Handmade Day got its beginnings much more recently.

In fact, National Handmade Day was suggested by Amy Bierstedt of the From Scratch Farm website in 2017 and had its official celebration the following year, on April 7, 2018. In just a few short years, National Handmade Day has grown in popularity to include support from local shops as well as national companies, like Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Celebrated each year on the first Saturday in the month of April, National Handmade Day brings with it an ideal opportunity to show appreciation for those who are creative and inspirational with their handmade products. Instead of purchasing items that are mass-produced, take time on National Handmade Day to support local artisans with their handmade crafts. It’s a wonderful way to be more sustainable and supportive of the community.

How to Celebrate National Handmade Day

Get involved with National Handmade Day in a variety of creative ways of your own, or get started with some of these fun ideas:

Appreciate Some Handmade Art

National Handmade Day brings the perfect reason to head over to a local craft fair or artists workshop and take a look at some beautiful creations. Whether browsing a collection of handmade crafts or enjoying them by viewing them at an art museum, this is a great day for handcrafted items to be appreciated.

Buy Local Handmade Items

One of the most important reasons to celebrate National Handmade Day is the sustainability factor and the ability to support someone in the local community. Small business owners are an important resource and can be supported on this day by making purchases of items that are handmade or handcrafted. Fight against the system of human jobs being replaced by machines and choose to make purchases of beautiful and useful items that are created by hand!

Learn to Make a Handmade Craft

National Handmade Day presents a super opportunity to build into those craft making skills by taking a class to learn how to make something. Perhaps this means signing up for a one day worship or class put on by a local artist. Or maybe it means taking a course at a local community college.

Some people might even prefer to simply watch some tutorial videos online and teach themselves. No matter what is preferred, National Handmade Day can act as an ideal motivator for learning to make a craft!

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