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Also called ‘cannabis sativa’ or C. sativa, the hemp plant has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years with uses ranging from medicine and food to fiber and oils. In addition, hemp has also been used in some cultures for ritual practices. 

More recently, especially in the twenty-teens, the hemp plant has made a comeback for its wide range of uses. Notorious for its association with the marijuana, which is the same species, hemp contains almost no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which means that the plant is not psychotropic.

National Hemp Month is here to raise awareness about and promote the usefulness of this fascinating plant.

History of National Hemp Month

Hemp took a hiatus in the United States for more than four decades, but it was brought back around in 2018 when the federal government passed a bill distinguishing hemp from marijuana to make it legal.

National Hemp Month has been celebrated since 2019 when it was founded by a company called cbdMD. The hope behind the event was for more people to know about and understand just how powerful and useful this little plant can be. From rope and textiles to moisturizing lotion and teas, hemp brings so much to the table when it comes to the farming industry.

How to Celebrate National Hemp Month

Get on board with the celebration of National Hemp Month by supporting the hemp industry personally and raising awareness about the myriad of benefits of this plant. Check out some of these ideas to get started:

Learn More About Hemp Products

Many people don’t realize how versatile, useful and environmentally-friendly the hemp plant is. Using a low amount of water in its growth process and also absorbing a larger amount of carbon dioxide than most plants, hemp is a sustainable choice for industrial farmers. Check out some of the following interesting fast facts about hemp and consider sharing some of them in person or online to raise awareness about National Hemp Month:

  • Hemp has the strongest and longest plant fiber in the world that is also resistant to abrasion and rot, contributing to its use for parachutes, ship rigging, baggage, military uniforms and more

  • Hemp is a high yield product that, acre-for-acre, produces double the oil of peanuts or almost four times as much paper pulp as trees

  • Hemp can be used as a composite product, mixed with limestone and water, to form a type of concrete that weighs just over 10% of normal concrete, repels some vermin and acts as insulation

  • Hemp is frost tolerant and can grow in all 50 US states with no need for pesticides or herbicides

Use Hemp Products

One excellent way to show support for National Hemp Month would be to make some adjustments to that shopping list so the items include products made with hemp fibers, hemp seeds or hemp oils. Check out some of these interesting, sustainable hemp-based products that might be worth switching to in celebration of this important event:

  • Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil 
  • Hemp Clothing and Shoes
  • Hemp Lip Balm & Lotion 
  • Hemp Candles 

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