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For almost a century, the scientific, medical and skincare communities have been developing and expanding the various uses of this unique substance called hyaluronic acid. National Hyaluronic Acid Day is here to learn more about and show some appreciation for this fascinating substance that is very popular for a number of reasons! 

History of National Hyaluronic Acid Day

The roots of National Hyaluronic Acid Day can be followed back to the 1930s when this substance was discovered. Originally found within the bovine eye, this substance is actually found in most tissues of mammals. After its discovery, it took twenty more years for the first biomedical application of hyaluronic acid to take place when it was used during eye surgery.

The cosmetics industry found that this natural substance is able to provide elasticity and stretch to skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It may also help to reduce the appearance of scars. Gaining popularity in the early 2000s, the global market for finished hyaluronan products was estimated at a whopping $20 billion by 2019.

National Hyaluronic Acid Day was founded fairly recently, in 2022, with the purpose of increasing awareness about the benefits and immense dermatological potential of this naturally occurring substance. In addition, the founder of the day, French skincare company La Roche-Posay, hoped to bring educational opportunities to individuals on the best ways to use hyaluronic acid.

How to Celebrate National Hyaluronic Acid Day

Looking for ideas on how to get involved with National Hyaluronic Acid Day? Get started with some of these plans and activities:

Use Hyaluronic Acid

Folks who are interested in the hydrating, smoothing benefits of this fascinating natural substance may want to celebrate National Hyaluronic Acid Day by purchasing or using a product that contains this ingredient. Those who already have a favorite product that has hyaluronic acid in it might be interested in sharing a recommendation with friends or on social media in honor of the day.

Learn About La Roche-Posay

As the founder of the day, the dermatologist-recommended company, La Roche-Posay may be holding certain celebrations in honor of National Hyaluronic Acid Day. Get to know the company a little better by visiting their website, learning about the more than 90,000 dermatologists worldwide who recommend this brand, or consider trying one of their products that contains this substance, specifically the popular Hyalu B5 serum.

Learn Fun Facts About Hyaluronic Acid 

Get to know this interesting hydrating substance a little better in celebration of National Hyaluronic Acid Day. Check out a few interesting bits of trivia about hyaluronan and share with friends in honor of the day, starting with some of these:

  • The first commercial use of hyaluronic acid was in 1942 when it was used as an egg white substitute in bakery products.

  • Hyaluronic acid is able to draw and bind a lot of water. In fact, it can hold up to one thousand times its own weight in water, bringing a whole lot of moisture and hydration to the skin.

  • Though the name has “acid” in it, this is a misnomer and it isn’t actually an acid. This substance is a type of sugar that goes by the name of Glycosaminoglycan. It is also sometimes called hyaluronan.

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