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Get off the couch and motivate yourself to get started on that to-do list, because it’s time for National Just Do It Day!

History of National Just Do It Day

Celebrated annually, National Just Do It Day was established in 2015 to encourage people to get things done! January is the perfect month, right at the beginning of the year, to reach down into that motivation and get stuff done. Forget procrastinating or putting things off until another day, because when you get things done today, then you can have tomorrow to rest!

Most people know “Just Do It” as a slogan used by the American athletic shoe and apparel company, Nike. Beginning in 1988, the slogan became a popular way for the shoe company to encourage people to get moving, exercise, work out and play ball. This turned out to be an especially popular phrase during the years that the company’s sponsorship went to Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player for the Chicago Bulls.

The first Nike television commercial to incorporate the Just Do It slogan featured an 80 year-old marathon runner named Walter Stack, who ran more than 60,000 miles in his lifetime!

Now, National Just Do It Day is here to encourage people all over the world to get up, get out and get to it!

How to Celebrate National Just Do It Day

National Just Do It Day is a great day to observe because it means getting a bunch of things finished that have been waiting to be done! Use some of these ideas to celebrate the day:

Stop Procrastinating

The most important thing to do on National Just Do It Day is that thing you’ve been putting off doing for some time. Whether it’s an item on the honey-do list or just a book you’ve been meaning to read, this is the time to do it! Take that pile of clothes to the dry cleaners to be mended, cleaning out that closet, emptying the recycling bin or sending that bag of donations to the homeless shelter. Whatever is lying around, a little bit forgotten but never far out of mind, can be accomplished today!

Find a National Just Do It Day Buddy

One of the best ways to avoid procrastination is to have an accountability partner. And a great way to make this work is to share each other’s National Just Do It Day lists the day before. This allows for a bit of accountability, knowing that this friend will ask about the various tasks that are on the list to be performed. It’s an ideal situation for helping each other get some stuff done.

Brush Up on Some Motivational Learning

Motivation is known as the condition that can help to activate behavior and keep it going toward meeting a goal. Learning more about what brings motivation can help people apply it to their lives. And, of course, National Just Do It Day is the perfect time for it!

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