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Macaroni and Cheese.

Salt and Pepper.

Batman and Robin.

Kids and Pets!

All of these things work as partners that go perfectly together. When kids and pets are put together, they represent a natural duo that can bring fun and delight to almost any home, classroom or other community space.

National Kids and Pets Day is here to show some care and appreciation for the way that children and pets join together to create a harmony that is definitely worth celebrating.

History of National Kids and Pets Day

National Kids and Pets Day dates back to 2005 when it was founded by Colleen Paige, who is a celebrity family and pet lifestyle expert. Paige has been responsible for developing a number of different days that raise awareness, particularly for animals as this is her passion. Some other days established through Paige include National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Horse Protection Day and several others. 

The purpose of National Kids and Pets Day was established as a way to encourage families to acknowledge the amazing relationship between pets and children. In addition, this day is meant to encourage parents, teachers and others to choose pets that are family and child friendly, as well as highlighting safety tips so that everyone is kept happy and healthy, not only during this month but all throughout the year!

How to Celebrate National Kids and Pets Day

Have loads of fun and take advantage of a learning opportunity by celebrating National Kids and Pets Day with some of these ideas:

Consider Adopting a Pet

While it’s true that pets are a big responsibility and are not for everyone, families who have been considering adopting a pet might want to use National Kids and Pets Day as a motivation. Local animal shelters are filled with hundreds or even thousands of dogs and cats that need homes and would make delightful pets.

Do remember that it is important to work with the people at the shelter to make sure that a pet is safe for children, especially if it has experienced past trauma. Other pets that kids may like but require less of a lengthy commitment than a dog or cat might be fish, hamsters, rabbits, turtles or even hermit crabs.

Learn About the Benefits of Pets for Kids 

Having a pet in the house can take a lot of work and does come with a cost. But for so many families – at least 66% of American households, which equals almost 87 million homes – having a pet is completely worth it!

Parents who have pets in their households know that there are all sorts of benefits that can come from the relationship between children and their dogs, cats or other pets. In honor of National Kids and Pets Day, perhaps it would be great to do a little research and learn a bit more about the benefits of pet ownership, then share to raise awareness for the day. Check out some of these to get started:

  • Teach Responsibility

    Many parents can see that the responsibility that children have for pets can teach them to have responsibility in other areas of life as well.

  • Social and Emotional Benefits

    Kids and pets can bond well and exchange times of nurturing. Plus, families with pets not only bond with the animals, but also bond more with each other.

  • Lower Stress and Anxiety

    Some studies have shown that people who spend time with soothing pets have access to a sense of calm for their nervous systems.

  • Get Kids Moving

    Many pets are active and require a lot of physical activity and exercise. From taking the dog for a walk or a swim to chasing a cat around the house, pets can help kids to get moving and stay active.

Visit Some Animals

While not every household may not be set up for having a dog or cat, or even any pets, it’s still a great idea to expose kids to animals when possible. Getting a membership to the local zoo can be a great experience. Getting the kids up close and personal by visiting a petting zoo is also a great idea, often helping children overcome a fear of animals. And if friends, neighbors or grandparents have safe pets, try to visit them on a regular basis to help the kids bond with the animals!

Get Creative with Pets

Perhaps in honor of this day, the children at home or in a classroom would enjoy looking at photos of various pets in different situations. Or maybe they would like to spend some time making some arts and crafts that are centered around the theme of pets. With a little bit of creativity on the part of the adults, National Kids and Pets Day can be a superb time of learning, growing and bonding!

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