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Celebrated with the idea of showing appreciation for this household chore that some people seem to despise, National Laundry Day is here to encourage individuals and families to remember how amazing it is to have fresh, clean laundry – and perhaps even thank the person who did it! 

History of National Laundry Day

Ever since human beings have been wearing clothes, there has been a tandem need to do laundry. In fact, some people who have a disdain for laundry may indeed find an uncanny correlation between laundry and the biblical story of the fall of man. After all, if sin caused Adam and Eve to cover up and created the need for clothing, could it be said that laundry is the result of evil in the world? Some people certainly feel this way about this household chore!

The first washing machine to use a drum was built by a man named James King all the way back in 1851. Prior to that time, washing laundry was a manual process. And as for drying, a hand-cranked version came around in 1800 while it wasn’t until 1892 that an automated version made its way into the world.

Since that time, the process of doing laundry has become a much simpler and easier task, though so far no one has created a machine that will fold the laundry and put it away. Even so, with modern machines that are efficient and effective, having a big basket of clean laundry is easier than ever.

This day was founded to show appreciation for those in the family who do the laundry (mostly moms, but sometimes dads and kids too as well as the invention of the automated machines that make it so much simpler than it used to be. So get ready to spend this special day saying thank you to a family member who normally does the laundry – or give yourself a break from doing it – in celebration of National Laundry Day!

How to Celebrate National Laundry Day

Show some appreciation for those clean socks, shirts or jeans because it’s time to get involved with National Laundry Day! Check out some of these ideas for participating in the day:

Enjoy Doing Some Laundry

While it may be hard to imagine, there are some people out there who really enjoy the chore of doing laundry! They love the smell of the detergent, the feel of the sheets as they are pulled out of the dryer or the freshness of the towels when they are taken off of the clothesline after drying in the sun. In this case, the celebration of National Laundry Day might just be a time to put on some music, choose a new scent of fabric softener, and get to doing some major laundry.

Don’t Do Laundry!

For those who find laundry to be one of the most despised household chores, perhaps National Laundry Day would be the time to forgo doing laundry! Forget that pile of smelly socks and dirty t-shirts. Say no to those duvet covers and stained tablecloths. Instead, take a day off and do something else entirely. After all, the laundry will still be there tomorrow. (And hopefully the kids will still have a clean soccer uniform to wear to the game!)

Teach the Kids to Do Laundry 

Kids tend to wear a lot of clothes. And sometimes it is questionable if the clothes they throw in the laundry were even worn or if they just tried them on, took them off immediately, and threw them in the dirty pile. In honor of National Laundry Day, perhaps it is time to teach them how to do their own laundry, which will help limit the amount of chores the parents have to do, teach them to be more responsible, and probably even make them think twice about throwing clean clothes into the dirty pile!

Some experts say that by the time a child is between eight and ten years old, they should be able to load the washer and dryer on their own. Plus, they can be responsible for bringing their baskets of laundry from their rooms, sorting it into colors, and folding it after it is clean.

Learn Some Simple Laundry Tricks 

National Laundry Day is a great time to find ways to make doing laundry a bit more efficient for everyone in the family. Consider implementing some of these laundry ideas in honor of the day:

  • Select the right temperature. While whites may need hot water, darker colors and brights can be washed in cold to improve the life of the load and save on energy.

  • Try Borax. This is a laundry booster that is natural, contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, softens the water and even helps make whites brighter.

  • Disinfect with white vinegar. This is another naturally occurring cleanser that can get rid of bacteria and odors.

  • Hang laundry in the sun. Many people don’t realize that sunlight works as a natural disinfectant and also helps to bleach whites to their brightest.

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