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Some people believe that laughter truly is the best medicine! And the purpose of National Let’s Laugh Day is simply to bring out the best in everyone by reminding them to laugh together. This day acts as a siren call to encourage everyone to bring out their giggles, chuckles, howls, roars and guffaws because taking things too seriously just can’t be tolerated on such a day. It’s time to enjoy National Let’s Laugh Day!

History of National Let’s Laugh Day

Laughter has a history that probably dates back as far as humankind. In fact, the world’s oldest written joke may come from as far back as 4000 years ago. Because it is a reaction that brings about the release of hormones that keep people happy and healthy, laughter is not only mentally good for the human condition, but it is also healthy for the physical body.

In 2019, the candy company, Laffy Taffy, acted as a sponsor of National Let’s Laugh Day. The beloved candy company has been doling out jokes on its candy wrappers for around 50 years. That year, the folks at Laffy Taffy took a survey of at least 1500 Americans where they aimed to learn all about laughter. Through the survey, Laffy Taffy discovered that 98% of the Americans surveyed enjoyed making other people laugh.

National Let’s Laugh Day gives everyone a special opportunity to not only be joyful themselves, but to spread joy to many other people in the world. Tell a joke, share some comic relief through a meme online, or watch a hilarious comedy show or movie. Whatever way people choose to celebrate, there is tons of fun to be had for National Let’s Laugh Day!

How to Celebrate National Let’s Laugh Day

There are probably millions of fun ways that people could find to celebrate National Let’s Laugh Day! Come up with some of your own ideas or try out some of these:

Share in Laughter

National Let’s Laugh Day is a great day to wake up in a good mood and consider how that might be shared with other people. Search online for some silly, one-liner ‘Dad jokes’ that can be shared at work or with the family. Watch a laugh-out-loud comedy movie or show with friends. Or book tickets to attend a live performance of a stand-up comic.

Learn Laughter Benefits

National Let’s Laugh Day is a great time to be reminded that humor is healthy! Remember that laughter can bring stress relief, stimulate the organs, soothe tension, improve the immune system, relieve pain, improve mental health and so much more.

Practice Laughter Yoga

One great way to celebrate the day is by joining a group of people who are practicing laughter yoga. Even forced laughter can be really good for people so this type of practice combines the stretching and poses of yoga with the delight of deep belly laughter. Join in on a Laughter Yoga class in celebration of National Let’s Laugh Day!

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