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Smart and highly sociable animals, these animals that are closely related to camels (but without the hump) are unique and interesting creatures. With their big eyes and long eyelashes, llamas are rather adorable – and also a bit feisty!

So get ready to enjoy and celebrate these lively animals on their special day: National Llama Day.

History of National Llama Day

Though they were likely originally dwellers of both North and South America, llamas are believed to have gone extinct in North America during the last ice age, leaving them only in South America.

A cousin to alpacas, llamas were domesticated by humans around 4,000 or even 5,000 years ago, starting in Peru and the Andes mountains. Able to navigate tricky trails, llamas were often used as pack animals in these mountainous areas to carry loads of goods, while their fur was used to make textiles and fabrics.

In modern times, llamas are also often kept domestically on farms, sometimes as guard animals for other flocks such as sheep or even alpacas. Since they can live to be an average of 20 years, or even up to 30 years, owning a llama is a long-term commitment. And they love to live in herds, so it’s best to never have only one llama but at least two, or even several.

How to Celebrate National Llama Day

Implement these and other fun ideas for a no-drama-llama time on National Llama Day:

Visit a Llama Farm

Celebrate National Llama Day in the presence of the guest of honor by visiting a local llama farm, or perhaps see some llamas at a local zoo or petting zoo. Llamas that are accustomed to humans are typically friendly and like to be petted on the front of the neck or top of the head. But be careful not to walk behind them as they have a tendency to kick!

Learn Fun Facts About Llamas

One interesting way to celebrate and raise awareness for National Llama Day might be to learn and then share some fun bits of trivia surrounding this delightful animal. Get started with some of these impressive facts:

  • Though typically ranging from 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall, some llamas can get up to 6 feet tall and weigh up to 450 pounds.

  • Llamas can carry approximately thirty percent of their body weight. This means that a 400 pound male llama could carry around 100-120 pounds of weight on their backs for a 10 mile trek without any problems. And if too much weight is put on them? They’ll just refuse to move or will simply lie down!

  • Llamas are fairly friendly but when they feel angry or unsafe, they will spit at each other (or at humans). Also, they will kick or even neck wrestle with one another if they are irritated.

  • Eating a vegetarian diet, llamas have an efficient digestive system that contains three stomachs – and their poop has almost no odor so it makes great fertilizer!

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