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This musical phenomenon has been taking the world by storm, from its creation in the melting pot of Detroit’s musical scene in the 1980s, and exploding across the world to Europe, this fascinating style has quickly moved into the limelight as one of the most popular forms of music.

There is just something so compelling about the driving rhythm that reaches right down into the depths of the soul, and brings out that base animal nature. For some, techno is just music that gets their heart rate up. For others it’s a shamanistic dive into the psychedelic lights and writhing body that brings about an altered state, irrespective of any chemical influence.

World Techno Day is dedicated to bringing more people into the world of techno music, to discover this music and the places deep within them that can be touched and brought to life by embracing this vibrant nature.

The genre is limitless in its depth, and so it’s time to celebrate World Techno Day!

History of World Techno Day

DJ and record producer Juan Atkins is believed by many to be the creator of one of the first techno songs, No UFOs, in 1985. Atkins was part of the Belleville Three, so named because of their time together in Belleville, Michigan, which is a western suburb of Detroit. Along with being one of the major vehicle manufacturers in the world, this area is also recognized as the birthplace of techno. Many people attribute the start and growing popularity of this genre of music to the black neighborhoods of America.

Since its inception, techno has grown from a single musical style into an expansive category covering variations that, frankly, couldn’t have been conceived of at its creation!

Older musical styles have been rebirthed through sampling and mixing into configurations that make them relevant in today’s musical theater while remaining nostalgic. A couple of decades later, techno is still considered a music genre that is cerebral and intellectual, sometimes known as “intelligent dance music”. Some people even prefer to use techno in their music therapy regime!

No matter where it comes from, techno music is all alive and all relevant. Even video game music has been incorporated, and it.. is… fantastic.

It is not at all unusual for this genre to be used for revolutionary aims, not necessarily to overthrow the government, but certainly to challenge the concepts of what is socially acceptable. It asks questions about what humans are and what they are expected to be. Techno will reach into the inner truth and drag it screaming into the light.

How to Celebrate World Techno Day

Wondering how to celebrate World Techno Day? Try out these creative ideas for getting involved with the day, such as:

Listen to Techno Music

Get out there and get that dance on! That’s the first and best way to celebrate this revolutionary musical style. There is a huge spectrum of electronic dance music available for anyone to explore, all underneath the Techno umbrella–and all of it will get those feet moving. Not sure where to start? Try out some of these albums on Spotify, Youtube or another online music host:

  • Suburban Knights (1990)
    This album, released by Detroit artist James Pennington, came very early in the techno movement.
  • Maurizio’s M4 (1995)
    Made by German artist Moritz Von Oswald, Maurizio is a musician and entrepreneur based in Berlin.
  • British Murder Boys (2003)
    Released by a group of musicians from Birmingham, UK, this album is the first the band had to offer, but many still think it’s the best.
  • Underground Resistance, Seawolf (1993)
    This super-aggressive record is considered by some to be a cult classic with an acidic vibe.

Learn How to Make Techno Music

Even better, for those who have any creative inclination, get in there and make your own techno music! The concept behind techno is fairly simple, but from simplicity has come infinite complexity. There are tutorials and programs that can make the creation of techno an absolute cinch. And while it may start off with the ‘chopsticks’ equivalent, with practice and inspiration it may just be possible to create amazing works of heart-pounding art.

Attend a World Techno Day Concert or Event

What a better way to enjoy the day than with other like-minded individuals who simply love techno music too?! Whether in the United States, Europe, Australia, or other places around the world, it’s likely that some techno festival, event or concert is taking place just about any weekend, especially near Techno Day.

Even if it can’t happen exactly on the day, this would be a great time to consider booking attendance at one of these techno events in Europe:

  • Street Parade Techno Festival (Zurich, Switzerland)
    Taking place in the summer months, this festival is considered to be the world’s most colorful and beautiful techno parade.
  • B My Lake Festival (Keszthely, Hungary)
    This festival is unique because it takes place in Hungary’s #1 dance destination, on the shore of Lake Balaton, which is the largest lake in central Europe.
  • Time Warp Germany (Mannheim, Germany)
    Enjoying more than 25 years in the techno industry, this festival focuses on the emotional rides and endless memories of the techno genre.
  • Awakenings Festival (Spaarnwoude, Netherlands)
    Located just outside of Amsterdam, this festival packs an amazing lineup, makes use of incredible venues and features some of the biggest names in electronic music.

Watch a Techno Movie

Whether its a documentary or a fiction film, try watching a movie that features techno music, such as:

  • Trainspotting, by Irvine Welsh (1996).
  • Modulations: A Cinema for the Ear, by Laura Lee (1998).
  • Berlin Calling, by Hannes Stöhr (2008).

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