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She’s distinguished, seasoned and filled with confidence. She has lived a bit of life and is proud of the lessons she has learned along the way. Instead of worrying about getting older and losing her youth, she can celebrate the incredible beauty that comes from her wisdom and experience by taking part in National Mature Women’s Day!

History of National Mature Women’s Day

With the purpose of celebrating the beauty of aging women throughout the nation and all over the world, National Mature Women’s Day got its start in 2021. The day was founded by Laura Geller Beauty, a twenty-five year old beauty company spreading the message that women do not need to shy away from their age, no matter what number or decade it is.

One of the ways that the company launched the first National Mature Women’s Day was to host a beauty campaign that featured only women who were over the age of forty. The idea and hope behind the campaign and this event was to increase the visibility of women “of a certain age” and honor their beauty. Laura Geller talks about how their makeup company wants to make women feel “beautiful and worthy”, no matter if they are 19 years old or 90 years old.

Each year, National Mature Women’s Day is marked in celebration of the older, mature and more confident women who can be appreciated and looked up to for not only the way they are on the outside, but what they have accomplished on the inside as well!

How to Celebrate National Mature Women’s Day

Women of all ages (and men too!) can show some appreciation and love for the more experienced and wise women in their lives on this day and every day. In honor of National Mature Women’s Day, consider observing the day with some of these ideas:

Don’t Hide Your Age

Forget living in fear because of wrinkles, age spots or silver hair. Instead, show some love and celebration for every experience and every year that brought a woman to this place. Remember to be open, authentic and filled with compassion for your younger self as you consider the paths you have crossed, the battles you have fought and the ways you have grown. So toss out that hair dye, never mind the botox and lean into your own amazing self in celebration of National Mature Women’s Day!

Learn From a Mature Women

Even women who are still in their 20s or 30s can celebrate this day by considering an older woman in their life to use as a mentor or role model. Skip past the worries about the most popular style of jeans or handbags and move toward following mature women on social media who have important things to say. From Andie MacDowell to Paulina Porizkova, from Helen Mirren to Emma Thompson, there are so many mature women who can be learned from by watching interviews or reading their posts. Even better, find a local mature woman to spend time with and learn from – perhaps even start with your own mother or grandmother!

Invest in Yourself

Every single woman on the face of the planet is getting older every single day. But that shouldn’t be something bad. It’s amazing that women can age and grow with the experiences they have, whether through a career, a family, politics, or working to serve the community. And one of the best ways a woman can make sure she has the energy and stamina to do what she loves is to invest in her own health.

In celebration of National Mature Women’s Day, women can make a commitment to taking self-care. From physical health investments like exercising, eating healthy, having regular doctor checkups and getting a mammogram, to mental health checkups that may include counseling or meditation, there are a huge number of ways women can take care of themselves. And if these mature women are going to participate in making the world a better place, they need to be in their best shape for health and wellness.

Post a Beauty Photo Online

Those women who are a bit further ahead in life can take to social media to celebrate this day. Show the younger women of the world what it truly means to be beautiful by taking a selfie or posing for a little photo shoot with a friend and then posting it on various platforms. Encourage friends to do the same and raise awareness for National Mature Women’s Day.

Check out some other days that encourage the celebration of women who have reached certain maturity and milestones, including Spunky Old Broad Day in February and National Gorgeous Grandma Day in July, and Age Without Apology Month, which is celebrated throughout June. 

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