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In modern times, the idea of aging has been filled with messages that tend to minimize and reduce the value of people of a certain age. Especially with women, the beauty industry has a tendency to worship youth and then toss out women as they get past 30 years or so.

Age Without Apology Month is here to honor and celebrate the beauty of underrepresented women (and men, too) who are in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

History of Age Without Apology Month

Age Without Apology Month had its first launch on June 1, 2021 when it was established by Jenni Retourné, who is the founder of the Willowberry Skincare company in the UK. The idea behind the Age Without Apology Month event is to encourage women to be proud of the years of life and experience they have behind them, pushing the boundaries of age representation and revealing the energy of women of all ages.

The Willowberry company is also a benefactor behind the British Beauty Council, making strides toward positive collaboration within the industry. Individuals and companies who work within the skincare and beauty industry are especially invited to consider ways they can broaden the picture and message of beauty that they are sending out into the world in light of Age Without Apology Month.

Since its launch, Age Without Apology Month has been celebrated each year with a new theme, including ideas such as Age My Way and Age is an Energy. People of all ages are invited to get involved with celebrating and supporting Age Without Apology Month in an effort to create a new paradigm for the standards of what it means to be beautiful.

How to Celebrate Age Without Apology Month

Looking for some ideas on how to celebrate Age Without Apology Month? Get on board with some of these ideas:

Avoid “Anti” Aging Messaging

Within the beauty industry, the messaging for skincare regimens and products has often used the term “anti-aging”. The founders of Age Without Apology Month believe that this type of message is extremely negative and even disrespectful to those who have the wisdom of the years on their side. This “anti” terminology sends the message that there is something wrong with aging.

This negative messaging has been pervasive within culture as the world tends to honor youth by hiding wrinkles, covering grays and more. The hope for Age Without Apology Month is that women of any age will take good care of themselves and find joy in their lives no matter what age they are!

Find Positive Role Models

It is easier to celebrate and become positive about aging when there are role models readily available! While many celebrities in Hollywood and beyond are worshiping youth by getting countless plastic surgeries, check out these role models for aging gracefully:

  • Andie MacDowell. She won’t dye her hair for any acting parts and calls herself an “exotic badass” at age 64.
  • Drew Barrymore. Teaching her daughters that aging is a privilege.
  • Jane Seymour. Never pretending she’s not her age (in her 70s).
  • Jamie Lee Curtis. Wants to age with intelligence and energy, and thinks the word “anti-aging” must be struck.

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