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Mochi comes in a range of shapes and sizes, with a range of different fillers. It may be grilled or baked, served with soy sauce or red bean paste, and possibly wrapped in seaweed. National Mochi Day offers a delightful opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this delicious treat! 

History of National Mochi Day

Mochi is a Japanese dish that has cultural significance dating back more than 2000 years. Over the years, some legends around this food have even indicated that white round mochi was believed to have spiritual power. As such, this treat has been included in various customs and celebrations such as New Year’s festivities, weddings, childbirth ceremonies and more. Even beyond Japan, many other Asian cultures have included mochi in their traditions, such as Korea, China and Taiwan.

Since it has so much history, it is no surprise that mochi also has a wide range of different styles and varieties. Try mochi made with ice cream. Or go with Oshiruko, which is a kind of sweet mochi soup that is served for dessert. Kusa Mochi is a style that is made with wild grass and is reminiscent of green teas. Sakura mochi is pink and filled with red bean paste, usually served at Cherry Blossom festivals.

National Mochi Day was established in 2021 when it was started by an independent company called Mochi Mochi Wagashi. The idea for the day is to celebrate this traditional food for those who love it, and also introduce it to those who aren’t as experienced with it!

How to Celebrate National Mochi Day

Get excited about enjoying and celebrating mochi by participating in some fun activities for National Mochi Day, such as some of these ideas:

Enjoy Eating Mochi

National Mochi Day is the best time for those who haven’t tried mochi to go ahead and do so. And for those who know that they love mochi, it’s the ideal time to enjoy and celebrate it! Head on over to an Asian market, restaurant or mochi bakery and pick some up in a variety of different flavors to enjoy in honor of the day.

Try Making Mochi at Home

Show some appreciation for this delightful dish by learning to make it at home in honor of National Mochi Day. Those who are interested in this fun culinary activity can get online and find a recipe that only requires a few ingredients. The ice cream version of mochi usually calls for ingredients such as sweet glutinous rice flour, sugar, water and either corn starch or potato starch for dusting to make it less gummy.

Host a Mochi Party

Those who are super excited about getting their friends and family involved with National Mochi Day might want to consider inviting some people to a gathering in celebration of the day. Of course, the featured treats of the day would be mochi, but there are a number of different varieties that can be enjoyed and celebrated. Perhaps it would be fun to include some different costumes or decorations from Japanese culture to give a little nod to the origins of mochi.

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