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Across the United States, May is considered to be a prime time for moving. While the moving season tends to range all throughout the summer, from May to September, the kickoff of the season is certainly the time when school ends for children, college students move out of their dorm rooms, and the warmer weather lends itself to packing up and shipping out. 

Many people like to move in the month of May because it allows families to make the transition when school is either already out or will be ending soon. This gives folks plenty of time to adjust throughout the summer before starting their new school year around August or early September.

Whether moving across town or to another state, National Moving Month was established to bring awareness, support and encouragement to customers and moving professionals alike.

History of National Moving Month

This event can trace its roots back to 1997 when Allied Van Lines, one of the largest and oldest moving networks, founded the celebration of National Moving Month in May. Because this is the time when many people move, this is also an excellent opportunity for businesses to educate and support their customers with marketing and encouragement targeted specifically toward the process of moving.

How to Celebrate National Moving Month

Check out some of these important ways to observe and participate in National Moving Month:

Consider Tips for Moving

A dorm room or small apartment move for a student will obviously require much less preparation and planning than a large house that has been filled with furniture and objects for many years. Use National Moving Month as an opportunity to consider the type of tasks that can be done in advance of moving, including some of these tips offered by the American Trucking Associations

  • Research Moving Companies. Check to be sure any company considered is legitimate and has the right to do business from the local department of transportation. Also, check them out on the Better Business Bureau website 
  • Get In-Home Estimates. It is recommended to receive at least three estimates before deciding on a mover. 
  • Understand Your Rights. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers a document for anyone hiring a company to move them across state lines. Check it out ahead of moving 
  • Keep Valuables Close. Whether flying or driving, keep items such as jewelry, important documents, small heirlooms and other valuables on your person when you move. 

Learn Interesting Facts About Moving 

Even for those who aren’t in the process of moving this National Moving Day, consider some of these interesting facts and statistics surrounding the topic:

  • More than 8 million people in the US will move across state lines each year.

  • The average American changes residences 11 times in their lifetime.

  • Friday is the most popular moving day.

  • One poll has shown that moving house can be one of the most stressful events in life – sometimes ranking higher than divorce, death of a spouse, or getting fired from a job!

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