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With more than 28,000 species, the orchid is a unique and interesting flowering plant that occurs worldwide. More than 200 species reside in North America, and many others can be found in hotter, more tropical climates. With their large, amazing blooms that often have curious shapes, orchids offer a complex range of beauty and color to the plant world.

National Orchid Day is here to celebrate this dazzling flower, as well as the challenging story of the family that inspired it all.

History of National Orchid Day

Although this is certainly a day to recognize and appreciate the beauty of this unique flower, National Orchid Day actually has an emotional story behind it as well. The day was established by a couple named Mike and Faith Young, who fell in love with the magnificent flower while volunteering at an orchid preserve on the outskirts of Chiapas, Mexico.

Later, when they were pregnant with their first daughter, they decided to name her Orchid in honor of their experiences with the beauty of this delicate plant. Sadly, baby Orchid did not make it through the birth process. From that time in April 2014, the Young family looked for ways to find beauty from tragedy.

The founding of National Orchid Day is one of the ways that the Youngs, along with their friends and family, have kept the memory of their little girl alive while, at the same time, bringing respect and attention to this amazing flower.

Take some time to observe National Orchid Day to show appreciation for this special flower as well as the special people in your life.

How to Celebrate National Orchid Day

Celebrate and enjoy National Orchid Day in a wide variety of ways, including some of these ideas:

Get or Give an Orchid

Flowering plants can add a particular kind of joy and delight to homes and orchids are no exception. Those who want to share in the allure and elegance of this special flower might want to consider getting one from a garden store and bringing it home. Or, even better, give an orchid as a gift to a beloved friend or family member in honor of National Orchid Day.

Show Care to Loved Ones

One special way to observe National Orchid Day might be to simply take the time to show friends and family members how much they are loved and appreciated. Since the day was founded in honor of a lost family member, it’s an especially poignant time to give an extra hug and say “I love you”.

Learn More About Orchids 

Take some time on National Orchid Day to learn some more about this special flowering plant. Get started with some of these facts:

  • Orchids are believed to be one of the oldest families of flowering plants.

  • This magnificent plant has the tiniest seeds in the plant world.

  • Orchids can take from 5-7 years to bloom once started. Some bloom for months and others only hours.

  • The vanilla bean comes from a species of the orchid plant family.

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