Banana Day is a bit like a heady mix of April Fool’s Day and Halloween (without the sweets or vandalism) and with a helpful portion of healthy eating thrown in for good measure.

The origins of Banana Day, which is aimed at celebrating bananas in every conceivable sense of the word, are murky. However it’s known that every year students at many prestigious American universities use Banana Day as a way of celebrating this humble lunchbox standard. They eat and share weird and wonderful banana concoctions (banana punch, anyone?), they dress as bananas and they generally go a bit…well…nuts. And bananas too, of course.

There aren’t many days in the year when you can legitimately goof off and have a little fruit-based fun, so why not take a (banana) leaf out the students’ book and go a little bit bananas today?


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Wow! This is on my birthday! I guess I’m a banana then?!?


lol i heard this on the news and told one of my bffs who loves banans about one of my other ines did not believe it so i showed her this 😂

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