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This day offers an exciting opportunity to get tropical and celebrate the tasty, sweet flavors of the delicious passion fruit. Grab a friend and join in on the fun by getting involved with National Passion Fruit Day! 

History of National Passion Fruit Day

Originating in subtropical South America, passion fruit is believed to have been part of the native diet in areas of Brazil and Argentina. The name seems to have originated from the Spanish missionaries who called it the “flower of the five wounds” as a nod to the crucifixion of Christ, which is where the name passion fruit comes from.

Depending on the location where it is grown, passion fruit can be in season for most of the year. In Hawaii, it has a year-round growing season while California brings fresh passion fruit crops from January to November. That means that August is a great time to celebrate National Passion Fruit Day!

National Passion Fruit Day was founded with the purpose of drawing attention to and raising awareness about this food that is not only delicious but also brings a number of nutritional benefits along with it. Take some time on National Passion Fruit Day to enjoy and appreciate this delightful tropical fruit.

How to Celebrate National Passion Fruit Day

Show some love on National Passion Fruit Day by celebrating with a few of these ideas:

Learn About Passion Fruit Health Benefits 

Get on board with National Passion Fruit Day by learning a bit more about the nutritional value that comes in this fruit that packs a tangy and sweet flavored punch! To begin with, take a look at and feel free to share some of these health benefits of passion fruit:

  • Passion fruit offers an excellent source of Vitamin C to keep the immune system pumped and healthy

  • Vitamin A is prevalent in passion fruit, bringing benefits for vision, skin and immunity

  • Rich in antioxidants, passion fruit is part of a healthy diet that helps to stamp out free radicals and prevent various diseases or inflammation in the body

  • Passion fruit is filled with fiber – in fact, one whole passion fruit complete with its seeds and pulp contains as much fiber as four cups of bran cereal

Try New Passion Fruit Recipes

Many people don’t realize how versatile and interesting the passion fruit can be, used in all sorts of recipes and concoctions. From Passion Fruit Martinis to passion fruit pudding cakes, from passion fruit ice cream to passion fruit meringue pies, there are literally hundreds of a ways a culinary adventurer could get creative by using passion fruit in various recipes!  

Celebrate National Passion Fruit Day and check out some of these ideas for passion fruit recipes to get started with:

  • Lychee and Passion Fruit Panna Cottas
  • Passion Fruit Tropical Breakfast Smoothies
  • Dark Chocolate, Coconut & Passion Fruit Mousse Cakes
  • Carmelized Passion Fruit & Lime Tart

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