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Enjoy the sweet but tangy flavors of this vodka-based cocktail that include hints of vanilla and, of course, passion fruit puree. Get ready to have loads of fun by raising a glass to this world-renowned, beloved mixed drink, because it’s time to celebrate World Passion Fruit Martini Day! 

History of World Passion Fruit Martini Day

Martinis have a fairly fuzzy history and no one knows exactly who first started drinking this mix of gin and vermouth, or vodka and vermouth for a vodka martini. But the history of the drink dates back more than a century, with some people claiming it has a relationship with the town, Martinez, California, which is near San Francisco.

Passion Fruit Martinis came about in the early 2000s, created by a notorious bartender at a famous bar in London. The bartender’s hope for this tropical cocktail was to create a drink that was unique, with an evocative and tantalizing taste experience. And anyone who has enjoyed a premium passion fruit martini can attest that it is just that!

More than just a drink, the passion fruit martini has now become a bit of an icon in British culture. The origins of the fun and festivities of World Passion Fruit Martini Day can be attributed to Funkin Cocktails, who founded the day in 2021 with the purpose of showing appreciation for this, one of the UK’s favorite mixed drinks.

How to Celebrate World Passion Fruit Martini Day

Go Out for Passion Fruit Martinis

In honor of World Passion Fruit Martini Day, it would be a shame not to set aside a little time to enjoy this delightfully refreshing mixed drink. Grab a partner, a smattering of coworkers or a group of friends and head on over to a local restaurant or bar and order up a round of passion fruit martinis to celebrate the day.

Try Making Passion Fruit Martinis at Home

Budding bartender hobbyists might be interested in observing World Passion Fruit Martini Day by trying to make these drinks at home. It’s a fairly simple cocktail to put together, including passion fruit puree (or passion fruit liqueur), vanilla vodka, simple syrup and a shot of Prosecco or other sparkling wine. Add pineapple juice or lime juice and serve in a martini glass.

Host a Passion Fruit Martini Party

Keep things simple or make a big deal out of World Passion Fruit Martini Day by inviting a few (or a lot) of people over to celebrate the day. It can be something so mild as having some intimate friends over for after dinner drinks, or it could be a full on party with pinatas and a limbo stick around the pool.

Those who have a penchant for cocktails and mixed drinks might want to get involved with these other drink-inspired days, such as World Martini Day in June, World Cocktail Day in May or National Mojito Day that takes place in July.   

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